New releases 15/06/18

Ah right fair do’s, will give it a listen. Quite enjoyed his last record rojus, an 8 track double vinyl ep!

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You not a fan?

Disintegrated Journeys // Disintegrated Destinations for me. Beautiful double CD package arrived in the mail today (with a lovely note)! Some serious work has gone into this, it’s fantastic to see what DiSers are capable of.

Will inevitably grab the physical release of Geoff Barrow/Ben Salisbury’s ANNIHILATION score this week, too.


Yes! Hope you like :slight_smile:

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New Gui Boratto album also out today, for those of an electronic/dance persuasion…


Got Sophie, Leon Vynehall and Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever downloaded, and Nas on the way.

Not a bad haul!!

This is great. The whole album is great. Thanks for sharing.

Leon V is good on first pass. Needs repeated listens I think.

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SOPHIE album is an interesting one - another which is gonna take repeated listens to untangle

It’s mental. On first listen think I love it, but not quite sure

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Yeah starts off quite tame then goes into hyperdrive. Reminds me a bit of the Chino Amobi (sp?) album from last (?) year.

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Haven’t heard that. Will look it up

Blawan’s first LP Wet Will Always Dry is apparently just wall to wall banging techno. Well up for that. Not out until Monday but it was either this or next week’s thread like.


New Brainwaltzera EP


Have you had anything sent to you? I backed this too but haven’t received a download link or anything.

Nope, nothing tiny bit disappointed tbh since whilst I’m more than happy to wait for the physical record I would have really liked to hear it ahead of the official release.

Giving Johnny Marr a shot based on good reviews.
Rolling Blackouts, the DiS album, Protomartyr, and Drinks (Cate Le Bon and the dude from White Fence, which apparently came out three months ago but only just out here). Also Alien Weaponry, an NZ thrash metal band that sing in Maori.

It’s ok, I just feel they don’t quite have enough to fill a while full lent album

I’ve only given it a once over but I thought it was pretty consistently great

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Fair! It’s good, I just maybe expected a little more given how good the EPs are