New releases 15/10/21

So what are you listening to today?

Joe Cardemone and Mark Lanegan have a new collaboration out. Gothic disco/nostalgic ambient.


Starting the day off with the new’un from Chastity Belt/Childbirth singer Julia Shapiro, loved all the pre-release tracks.

Will also be given the new Hayden Thorpe (ex Wild Beasts) a spin later:


Vanishing Twin - Ookii Gekkou

FFO - Broadcast, Stereolab

Julia Shapiro - Zorked

Solo record from Chastity Belt member


Going to give the new Surfbort a go, liked what they’ve put out in the past. FFO Amyl and the Sniffers, grungy punk



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Collaborative Playlist has been emptied and is now ready for your submissions! Have at it!


New ep from AA Williams


Tis the first day of Christmas box set season. The Beatles - Let It Be and David Crosby - If I Could Only Remember My Name will be getting a listen.

The only new-new album I’ll be searching out is Remi Wolf’s Juno. She’s made my favourite pure pop of the last few years.

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Anyone gonna review the new Coldplay album?

Had started creating this thread ages ago due to all of the new releases, but thought I’d check first if someone else had started the thread by now! Hayden, A.A., and Vanishing Twin were also on my list. Busy day!

sir Was - Let The Morning Come
Swedish triphoppop? Big fan of his previous couple of albums.

TV Girl and Jordana - Summers Over
Always happy to see a new TV Girl release, this time collaborating with someone else. Samples and laid back summer vibes.

Angélica Garcia - Echo Eléctrico EP
Mexico/Salvador/Los Angeles, exciting pop of some kind. Loved a precious EP of hers, and so hopefully this will be as good. Loved the first song I’ve heard so far

Old Man Of The Woods - Votives
Lo-fi ambient pop.

Birdengine - Brutal
He released a great dark brooding album earlier this year, and has now releases another mini album. Apparently a mix of sounds, including piano, distorted synths, church organs, field recordings.

Chancha Via Circuito and LUVI TORRES - Ceremonia EP
Argentinian duo. Sounds good and Argentinian.

Xenia Rubinos - Una Rosa
English/Spanish sung vocoder pop, hip hop, r&b.

Starflyer 59 - Vanity
Shoegazey indie pop.

Elan Tamara - We Can Fall
No descriptions on Spotify for me to steal from. Haven’t quite decided if I like their singing yet, but interesting enough music.

La Ren - Leftovers
Heartbreak folk.

Hania Rani and Dobrawa Czocher - Inner Symphonies
Piano neo classical instrumentals from Poland.

The DeRevolutions - I Want Up
Strange electro pop sort of sample filled songs maybe.


I’ll give the finneas album a go…don’t know much about his own stuff


Theres a band I totally forgot about. Will be checking this out

The 2 I’ve listened to so far…

Footshooter - Southside Hymns - Funky Disco. Some really nice collabs on this release including james mollison & Ma.Moyo.

Dos Santos - City of Mirrors - Latin Jazz? Alt World? Whatever it is I quite like it.


Tigers & Flies. Manchester via Brighton. Postcard Records type melodic racket.


Fans of hooky acoustic pop punk will be pleased with the return of This Wild Life

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I gave Tom Morello’s album a go. It’s half modern sounding songs that could be anyone and half songs with pastiche Tom Morello riffing. It’s fine, but I might never listen to it again.

Disclosure have a DJ-Kicks out.


Nice ambience from AWVFTS and some others

Probably very listenable dance something from FaltyDL


new Anz whenever someone decides to upload the rest


Scrimshire - Nothing Feels Like Everything

Sixth album of jazz/soul from Adam Scrimshire, featuring a bunch of guests including Cleveland Watkiss, Nat Birchall and Idris Rahman. Very much like what I’ve heard of this so far.

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