New releases 15/10/21

Robin Guthrie - Mockingbird Love

Shimmery guitar instrumental EP from a Cocteau Twin.


Ydegirl - Ydegirl

The Danish musician’s debut album blends R&B and pop with elements of Nordic baroque to conjure feelings of past, present, and future


Released last week but hey: Sungazer - Perihelion.

Excellent music YouTuber Adam Neely’s band making some very rhythmically complex, playful jazzy synthy jams

Concepts behind the tracks discussed here (he has a thing for clickbaity titles but he’s not like that in the videos themselves at all)


Never a worry. I quite enjoyed it too, I liked the tracks Let me Miss You and Votives

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Welcome Dayrider, good to have you on board chief.

I really liked the last track on this album, Utopia Planet, I always got time for an unexpected brass section. I think its Beautiful Directions that is the one with Ben on it which had some really nice cello and bass sections on it, imo.

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They could always team up with Morrissey and do Rick Astley covers.


New album from house producer Byron The Aquarius with some jazz funk vibes scattered throughout. Really good stuff.

Loving the latest from these beautiful women.

and especially loving this small taste of Portico’s next one.

lots of beauty in these. lots of needed optimism :slight_smile:

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I had my first proper listen to Old Man Of The Woods today and quite enjoyed it too. Will definitely give it a second listen (which a lot of these releases don’t end up getting due to the number of them!).

Really into this album. Didn’t realise it was this guy that did that Sophie And The Giants track. Solid fun.

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this video is nuts, looking forward to listening to the album!

it has genuinely broken my brain

wow i really cannot tell you how much this album is ‘my shit’ :smile:

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Missed this came out yesterday, Houston rapper who is on a real upwards trajectory. His 2019 album was superb so got high hopes here. Tyler the Creator and Freddie Gibbs amongst the features.

Weekly round-up poll a little earlier than usual…

BADBADNOTGOOD, The World Is A Beautiful Place & I’m No Longer Afraid To Die and W. H. Lung topped our charts last week.

What did you enjoy from this batch of 87 releases?

  • A.A. Williams - arco
  • Adele - Easy On Me
  • Angélica Garcia - Echo Eléctrico EP
  • Anz - All Hours
  • Astral Brain - The Bewildered Mind
  • Birdengine - Brutal
  • Byron the Aquarius - The New Beginning
  • Chancha Via Circuito and LUVI TORRES - Ceremonia EP
  • Charles Moothart - Soft Crime EP
  • Chelsea Cutler - When I Close My Eyes
  • Coldcut - @0 EP2
  • Coldplay - Music Of The Spheres
  • Couer de Pirate - Impossible à aimer
  • Dark Mark & Skeleton Joe - Dark Mark vs Skeleton Joe
  • Dark Sky - She 2.0
  • David Crosby - If I Could Only Remember My Name Deluxe Edition
  • Dean Wareham - I Have Nothing to Say to the Mayor of L A
  • Dog Daisies - Moonbathing
  • Dos Santos - City of Mirrors
  • Ego Ella May - FIELDNOTES
  • Elan Tamara - We Can Fall
  • Emma Ruth Rundle - Blooms of Oblivion
  • Evergreen - Sign In EP
  • FaltyDL - The Wrath EP
  • Faye Webster - Live At Electric Lady
  • Field Music - Another Shot EP
  • FINNEAS - Optimist
  • Footshooter - Southside Hymns
  • From The Mouth Of The Sun – Light Caught The Edges
  • Galya Bisengalieva – Aralkum Aralas
  • Hania Rani and Dobrawa Czocher - Inner Symphonies
  • Hayden Thorpe - Moondust For My Diamond
  • HEXA - Material Interstices
  • Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit- Georgie Blue
  • Joe Harvey-Whyte - Flatland/Spaceland EP
  • John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, Daniel Davies- Halloween Kills Soundtrack
  • Joy Crookes - Skin
  • Julia Kent - Stories From the Sea (Original Soundtrack)
  • Julia Shapiro - Zorked
  • Kælan Mikla: Undir Köldum Norðurljósum
  • Khalab - The Great Oxidation EP
  • La Ren - Leftovers
  • Lala Lala - I Want The Door To Open
  • Mabe Fratti - Estática
  • Marco Shuttle- Cobalt Desert Oasis
  • Marta Mist - Longform
  • Maxo Kream - WEIGHT OF THE WORLD
  • Melvins - Five Legged Dog
  • Mendelson - Le dernier album
  • Namesake - Redeeming Features
  • Odonis Odonis - Spectrums
  • Old Man Of The Woods - Votives
  • Philip Samartzis + Eugene Ughetti - Array
  • Philip Samartzis and Eugene Ughetti - Polar Force
  • PinkPantheress - to hell with it
  • Pokey LaFarge - In The Blossom Of Their Shade
  • Portico Quartet - Ultraviolet
  • Primal Scream - Demodelica
  • Purple Disco Machine - Exotica
  • Regal Worm - The Hideous Goblink
  • Remi Wolf - Juno
  • Robin Guthrie - Mockingbird Love
  • Sangre Nueva - Goteo
  • Scrimshire - Nothing Feels Like Everything
  • Selena Gomez - Let Somebody Go
  • sir Was - Let The Morning Come
  • Starflyer 59 - Vanity
  • Sungazer - Perihelion
  • Surfbort - Keep On Truckin’
  • The Beatles - Let It Be special edition
  • The DeRevolutions - I Want Up
  • The Juan Maclean - I Want The Night
  • The Shining Tongues - Milk Of God
  • This Wild Life - Ever Blossom
  • Tigers & Flies - Bat & Ball
  • Tom Morello - The Atlas Underground Fire
  • TV Girl and Jordana - Summers Over
  • Vanishing Twin - Ookii Gekkou
  • Various Artists - DJ-Kicks: Disclosure
  • Various Artists - Longform Editions 22
  • Various Artists - Musik Music Musique 2.0
  • Various Artists - When There’s Nowhere Else to Run
  • Vitalic - Dissidænce
  • William Tyler- Frozen Shelter
  • Xenia Rubinos - Una Rosa
  • Ydegirl - Ydegirl

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Late entry but I did enjoy this album too during the week, despite it not being available on streaming for me…

Alba - Maugli - Capoeira Beats.

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An archived playlist of this week is living here:

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Only just spotted Bristol experimental hip hop collective had a new EP out last week!

Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention! I didn’t and still don’t understand odd time signatures and why I like them but this has helped massively in not understanding oddtime signatures as such but more why or not even why, just that I love them. Christ even this appreciation post has no time signature

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the first track had me so excited

three tracks after are all nothing in comparison :confused: