New releases - 15/2

Ladytron is on Spotify! The new Chaka Kahn album is finally out which is also exciting to me.

But tell me, DiS, what are you listening to today?

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Currently listening to Piroshka. I’ve Ladytron and Woman’s Hour also downloaded for later.

Piroshka is good but not great. I’d give it a Pitchfork score of 7.2.

Savage Mansion - Revision Ballads for me today. Sounding excellent so far. Scottish band signed to Lost Map. Ramshackle indie pop FFO Pavement, Parquet Courts, Courtney Barnett perhaps

Also have Methyl Ethyl, SWMRS and Woman’s Hour on the list to check out but know very little about them.

What sorta noise can I expect from Piroshka @BMS1?

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Pye Corner Audio kicking my Friday off and sounding great.

Haven’t heard of Savage Mansion but sounds up my street.

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Methyl Ethel
Traffik Island

New one from Stats. Plus whatever else is out in here

There’ll inevitably be comparisons with Lush. Piroshka aren’t quite Lush during their
pop-y Lovelife time nor the shoegaze-y Split. The album’s a of sort collection of indie rock b-sides of Lush songs. That’s not an insult. I’m a huge Lush fan. I’ve got Piroshka playing on my earphones as I type this reply and also review shit work emails; it’s now a 7.5.

I’m seeing them later at Rough Trade East. Looking forward to it.


New Efdemin on Ostgut Ton. Expecting dark melodic techno.


Methyl Ethyl, Broken Social Scene EP and there’s a live album from Bodega (loved their album last year).

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New Pye Corner Audio is superb. Feels like the biggest leap in his sonic palette to date; Dancing Shadows is… sexy.


Loads of goodies out today. I’m listening to:

Theon Cross
Savage Mansion
Gemma Ray
Nubiyan Twist

Better go on with it!

The new Broken Social Scene EP is short but wonderful. They’re still on top form as a band.


Loving PCA. It was like being wrapped in a music duvet on the way to work.

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The Efdemin album didn’t start off as i expected, but the title track… what a tune!

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Man I’m really in the mood for Savage Mansion today. Three tracks in and it’s amazing.


King Midas Sound - not what I was expecting. Shackleton-esque spoken word over some dark ambient mostly-beatless background. Aroo it ain’t

Getting on this then might have a listen to stuff that came out last week not too much stands out for me. Let me know if there is anything im sleeping on!

Really enjoying this.

On my commute this morning listened to:

Mantra - Dreamland
Dear Seattle - Don’t Let Go

The former is a rock album and has had decent reviews but I found it average on first listen. The latter is an Australian rock/punk band which I found quite enjoyable.

On my way home I’ll listen to Piroshka and also Wicca Phase Springs Eternal for something a bit different.

Yeah it threw me a bit. Quite avant garde in places too