New releases 15/7/22

Gleemer have a new ep out - Gazey US Indie with mild emo tendencies


Mabel’s second album - pop with various poppy house producers.

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Halfway through this and it’s very good.

If you want some American alternative rock you could do a lot worse than Lawn…


GOON - Hour of Green Evening

listened to the last one without leaving much impact, but this sounds good so far. Elements of jangly 90s indie, The Districts, Elephant 6, mild psych touches


2/3rds Mountain Man reunion!


indeed! its very lovely

2nd half isn’t nearly as good.

Oooh, ooh, REALLY loved Rakka and Rakka II, this is this afternoon sorted!!!

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Seen most of mine mentioned already I think. Black Midi, Ben Shemie, Nightlands and Working Men’s Club. Other one I have that I’m looking forward to is the new Indian Wells album. Melodic techno in the Kiasmos / Rival Consoles vein, I suppose.

Not listened to Kathryn Williams in a long time, but looking forward to giving her a new one a go.


Fucking hell this Interpol record is the dullest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.


Your tone implies surprised.


Sorry, should have added ‘since the last one’.


New Black Midi is A LOT of fun

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Looking forward to this. She did a cool playlist on Lauren Laverne’s show this morning.

i thought she was really quite … bad at Glasto, but always liked the singles I’ve heard and this seems to have some good variety and production choices on it

will lift up a grey drizzly day too

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Oh I didn’t catch the Glasto set but absolutely love everything recorded I’ve heard by her

just weak vocals - but not sure if that’s just her, or nerves, or bad mixing. Band looked like they were having a blast anyway, noisier than I expected

I’m an avowed Interpol apologist - I always get a month or two out of their albums, sometimes more when they lock in - but this new one’s just too ploddy and drenched in Paul’s awful falsetto (won’t someone tell him?)

I said in another thread that the new Preoccupations felt a little by the numbers next to all the interesting, super weird post punk happening here. Sadly goes quadruple for Interpol.

Black Midi for me, please! And Working Mens Club, who blew me away live.

Also - lovely new Young Fathers single from this week:


Already been mentioned, but I’ve just listened to the Kathryn Williams album and it’s great - up there with her very best, I reckon. I do like her sparse acoustic stuff, but when there’s a bit more instrumentation going on as there are on some of these tracks, her songs can really soar. Other stuff:

Gordon McIntyre - Even With The Support Of Others
If you like the Kathryn Williams, you may also like this latest Lost Map label release. Gordon McIntyre was the singer and songwriter from Edinburgh indie-pop band Ballboy. His fourth solo album is bit wistful, bit quirky, singer-songwritery stuff. Good lyricist.

Regressive Left - On The Wrong Side Of History EP
Political electro-punk. A bit of the LCD Soundsystem about the opener. And the excellent Mandy, Indiana feature on another track. I like it very much.

Sababa 5 & Shiran Tzfira - Rali EP
Tel Aviv based psych four-piece Sababa 5 collaborating with vocalist Shiran Tzfira on these re-interpretations of Yemeni folk songs. For fans of Altin Gun.

The Blueflowers - Time Didn’t Matter EP
Detroit indie rock. Feels like a blend of all the 90s indie bands I ever liked. So I’ve listened to this a few times already and can’t really tell if it’s good or if I’m just tantalised trying to work out who it all reminds me of.

Cheri Knight - American Rituals

American Rituals collects the recordings of Cheri Knight made during the fertile, DIY movement that flowered around Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington in the early eighties. With access to the college’s multitrack recording studios, a lending library of instruments, and an unbridled spirit of experimentation, Cheri and her collaborators created ecstatic amalgamations of minimalism, art rock, and vocal technique that illuminate a rich Pacific Northwest counterpoint to the parallel New Music scenes of downtown New York and San Francisco.