New releases 16/07/21

I’m on the early shift so I’ll get this release day party started. It really is like a little party at the end of each week isn’t it. Here’s what I’ve got…

Rodrigo Amarante - Drama
honey voiced Little Joy fella, mates with Devendra Banhart and in that wheelhouse but more Brazilian. Should sound good in the promised weekend sunshine

Alice Coltrane - Kirtan: Turiya Sings
reissue of one of her spiritual tapes, stripped back to her and her wurlitzer. This is exactly the kind of balm I need this early in the morning.

Connan Mockasin and Ade - It’s Just Wind
made him his own thread last night as the album was released midweek, but I’ll plug again. Great title, very enjoyable noodly, spacey instrumentals by Connan and his band, with his 72-year-old dad Ade doing some spoken word type stuff over the top. His vocal reminds me a bit of some of Bowie’s speak-singing on Blackstar, but if Bowie was an old kiwi bloke

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - Expansions
someone gave this German funk band some steel drums. Sounds a bit like Budos Band maybe? Think I’m gonna listen to this when doing some cooking later.

Have at it


DJ Food - Kaleidoscope Companion

To celebrate 20 years since the release of Kaleidoscope, this is a companion album of alternate versions, mixes and beats and pieces from the original recording sessions.


Massively excited by the Alice Coltrane. Expecting my copy in the post this morning.

There’s a new John Murry album this morning too - his two previous records have both been great. You’d probably call his music ‘Americana’ but it has a level of racked emotional intensity which elevates it above that. If you like things like Lift to Experience you’ll appreciate him.


Rey Sapienz & The Congo Techno Ensemble – Na Zala Zala

"Growing up in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo, Hakuna Kulala co-founder Rey Sapienz found refuge in music, rapping and performing from a young age. Eventually, he was forced into a prolonged Ugandan stay, becoming a key member of the effervescent Kampala scene. Over two excellent EPs, Sapienz developed a contemporary take on soukous and kalindula styles that he dubbed “Congo techno.”

With Na Zala Zala, he pushes this imaginative reinvention of traditional music tropes into uncharted territory, creating The Congo Techno Ensemble together with DRC veteran vocalist/dancer/writer Papalas Palata and rapper Fresh Dougis. These three voices chant, whisper, rap, scream, and moan over fractured melodies and prismatic beats in a scorching, opalescent blend of hip-hop, deconstructed club, and free jazz."


Hello pals

My band, wojtek the bear, released our new album today. :slight_smile:

FFO: Belle & Sebastian, Real Estate & miserable Scottish indie pop

If you happen to like it, it’s available on transparent orange or black vinyl from your local indie record shop in the UK or online here:


Lo-fi Space out indie-pop, first track sounds a bit like a slowed down Jesus and Mary Chain


Anna Meredith’s music for a dodgems installation at Somerset House was released yesterday. As you would imagine, lots of synth arpeggios. Loving it so far, about a third of the way through.


Simon Mccorry and Requiem - Critical; Mass

Beautiful cello-led ambience for quietly contemplating lost thoughts over misty fields and morning coffee.


All about midwife for me


I got my Alice Coltrane LP yesterday and it’s got such a bad pressing fault that A1 and B1 skip loudly all the way through :sob:

Ian William Craig / Kago - Split Series 24

Final instalment in FatCat Records’ shared 12" releases sees the Canadian tape-manipulating trained opera singer turned experimental electing darling drop one epic side-long track followed by a piecemeal collection of lo-fi psychedelic songs from Estonian poet/singer-songwriter Kago.


The Alchemist - Rapper’s Best Friend 6

Latest instrumental beats record from one of the best in the business right now.


New Logic 1000. Four Tet-ish dance.

Two songs from CBP. Gothy post metal. kinda.

Midwife. Ambient, shoegaze.


Clairo- Sling

Last album was very cool “bedroom pop”, high hopes for this one.


Scuba & DOMiNii - Diivorce

Collaborative record between electronic producer Scuba and up and coming London - based vocalist DOMiNii, seems a lot more pop than Scuba’s usual work, via 80s vapour wave.

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Big unbridled burst of positivity, love these guys:

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Lucrecia Dalt & Aaron Dilloway - Lucy & Aaron

“(A) delightful mix of humour and outer-space terror permeates through Lucrecia Dalt and Aaron Dilloway’s debut duo album, Lucy & Aaron. Their funky sounds are at-once arresting and lighthearted, zooming through mysterious noises and irresistible beats. It often feels as if they’re speaking in some far-away, extraterrestrial language, as their garbled words seep into gritty, robotic sounds.”


Hauntology on Disintegration State…


New Wavves album - scuzzy pop/garage rock stuff

First new album in years from Stephen Fretwell - acoustic northern songwriter

Live album from Nathaniel Rateliff - americana stuff

Broken social scene members makes nice instrumental stuff

Former pinegrove member Nice Levine solo alum (My pick of the week on first listen)

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also this is pretty beautiful