New releases 16/07

Been hammering this, really enjoying it I think. Absolutely loved his first record, and used to listen to Rose on repeat. His cover of Morning Theft by Jeff Buckley is beautiful as well if you can track it down.

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New release day is nearly upon us again, so it must be about time for a round-up vote of the past week’s listening.

Our favourites from the crop of new releases around the 9th July were Drug Store Romeos, Koreless and Vince Staples.

What have you been into this week?

  • A Place to Bury Strangers - Hologram
  • Acid Dad - Take It From The Dead
  • Alice Coltrane - Kirtan: Turiya Sings
  • Anna Meredith - Bumps Per Minute (18 Studies for Dodgems)
  • Anna Tivel - Blue World
  • April Magazine - Sunday Music For An Overpass
  • Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - Expansions
  • Catie Turner - Heartbroken and Milking It
  • Clairo- Sling
  • Cochemea - Vol. II: Baca Sewa
  • Connan Mockasin and Ade - It’s Just Wind
  • Crippled Black Phoenix - Painful Reminder / Dead is Dead
  • David Kitt - 20
  • DJ Food - Kaleidoscope Companion
  • Dogs Versus Shadows - Memory Vague
  • Drum Pedro - Mallorca Treats
  • Esther Rose - How Many More Times
  • Hollie Kenniff - The Quiet Drift
  • Ian William Craig / Kago - Split Series 24
  • Jodi - Blue Heron
  • John Murry - The Stars Are God’s Bullet Holes
  • Joseph Spence - Encore: Unheard Recordings of Bahamian Guitar and Singing
  • K.D.A.P. - Influences
  • Karen Black - Dreaming of You (1971-76)
  • Liz Lawrence - Babies
  • Logic1000 - Safe In My Arms / YourLove
  • Lucrecia Dalt & Aaron Dilloway - Lucy & Aaron
  • Midwife - Luminol
  • Nathaniel Rateliff - Red Rocks 2020 (Live)
  • Paradise Lost - At the Mill
  • Rey Sapienz & The Congo Techno Ensemble – Na Zala Zala
  • Rodrigo Amarante - Drama
  • Scuba & DOMiNii - Diivorce
  • Simon Mccorry and Requiem - Critical; Mass
  • Stephen Fretwell - Busy Guy
  • Stimulator Jones - Low Budget Environments Striving For Perfection
  • The Alchemist - Rapper’s Best Friend 6
  • Tommaso Cappellato - Pioneered
  • Various Artists - Fabric presents Overmono
  • Vouna - Atropos
  • WALK THE MOON - Can You Handle My Love??
  • Wavves - Hideaway
  • wojtek the bear - the tide that won’t come back

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Hadn’t bothered with Midwife last week but seeing the poll I’ve fired it on this morning and it sounds great so far - good work as always with these!


On first listen the new Clairo sounded so low-key that I thought it was maybe a little slight. But after repeat listens it’s a really fantastic album - so many meoldies and lines that have dug their way into my brain.

Surprised that it has only received 2 votes in the poll above, as it’s similar to a lot of DiS-friendly stuff. When I listen to it now parts remind me of Ellliot Smith, Titanic Rising Weyes Blood, Women in Music III HAIM, Carrie and Lowell Sufjan, Billie Eilish, even Simon & Garfunkel and Supertramp.

I’m wary of bringing up all these albums at the same time as reference points, because how could an album possibly be as amazing as a hypothetical combination of those best-of-decade releases? But I really am constantly reminded of them in a very good way when I listen to Sling, even if it maybe isn’t in quite the same league.

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Feel like she’s become a victim of associating with lorde who has fallen sharply from favour and even pb who is also experiencing backlash at the moment. Plus, as you say, the album is a slow burner. Think it’s lovely though.

Pretty sure this was just a particularly ludicrous hot take by one poster that got no further traction? Not sure it’s really representative of the boards as a whole. Would be pretty disappointed if it was.

Sling reminds me of Belle & Sebastian in places, can’t quite put my finger on it, but some of the compositions are very similar. Fantastic album.

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Sure I’ve seen more than I’ve negative thing about her on various threads on here. Doesn’t really bother me I think it’s fairly inevitable once bands/ artists reach a certain level of hype/ acclaim you always get a backlash to some extent.