New Releases - 16.08.2019

Cheating a little bit as I’m 30 minutes early, but quite excited. Possibly one of the best ones of the year?

Gonna hit up
•Blanck Mass
•Press Club
• Shura
• Sleater Kinney

Potentially there’s new Vince Staples too? I don’t know how feasible that is though?

Anyway I’m beside myself with excitement for Press Club and Blanck Mass

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  • Oh Sees
  • King Gizzard
  • Murder Capital

Yep. Same as you. Also, the new album by Ride. Most likely won’t be very good but they’re one of my bands from my youth.

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Any reviews of the new Press Club anywhere? Can’t find any.


I think the new Jason Lytle album is out.

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Will listen to Ride’s new album in the morning but not getting too excited about it

Heard the first five songs on the new Press Club album. So far the album sounds slightly more melodic than Late Teens. Still sounds brilliant.

Actually looking forward to the commute to work later at 7am so I can listen to it all the way through.

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Am I right in thinking Tropical Fuck Storm has been moved up a week? If so, it’ll be that and Sleater Kinney for me.

Had no idea Friendly Fires’ album was out today, listening now. Doesn’t seem to have the same massive hooks as previous records, but it’s a lot dancier and funky - enjoying it

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Shredding kind of Friday!!

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I’ve not heard anything over here about TFS getting moved forward and it ain’t on Australian Spotify at the moment.

Aside from that there is the new Hold Steady today

Next week for TFS

Yeah that’s what I thought

Absolutely stacked day today. I’ll add the new oso oso record in to some of the others mentioned already.

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The Hold Steady - Thrashing Thru The Passion is out today and it’s really great. Massive classic rock hooks with Finns lyrics at their quotable best. Some moments as strong as any from their past…think previous fans will like it and would be a good intro for anyone who’s never listened before


Heard Oh Sees this week but it definitely needs another listen.
King Gizz and Sleater Kinney as well.
Ride’s had good reviews, but so did the last one and the songs released were pretty mediocre.

Don’t think I’ll ever get blanck mass

Oso Oso and Sleater today!!

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Heck of a day, like most others it is King Gizzard, Oh Sees, Sleater-Kinney and Press Club. I will also check out the Frank Turner album, and there seems to be a live Connan Mockasin ep up so will give that a crack.