New Releases 16/10/2020

I never really warmed to the last Morby album, Oh My God. In retrospect I think a lot of what I loved about Singing Saw and City Music was the band.

Knowing that this new one would be an entirely solo effort I wasn’t too excited about it, but I’ve given it a spin today and it’s a step in the right direction. Some of the songs still feel a bit unimaginative and samey, especially being so exposed by the (lack of) production.

OMG didn’t stick with me (sadly) but City Music was / is amazing! Endlessly playable with tons of earworms. Really high hopes for Sundowner!


I wouldn’t expect many on this site to be looking forward to the new release by Katie Melua, but I gave it a listen out of curiosity because I’d seen it get some good reviews and I only knew her by name (don’t recognise any of her ‘hits’ having scanned her most played on Spotify). It’s actually pretty good, if you happen to enjoy a spot of well produced, honey-voiced MOR.

Natalie Schlabs’ album is also going to appeal to those who want something easy on the ear; ffo Kacey Musgraves & Bruce Springsteen.

South African jazz ensemble’s improvised soundtrack to a 2017 documentary about the 1976 Soweto Uprising:

Some passable indie rock, Sharon van Etten guesting on one track.

Alt-country husband and wife duo EP, nice harmonies:

Beninese jazz guitarist with an album of solo acoustic covers of Herbie Hancock works.

Folky Bluegrass from Grammy winning and occasional Steve Martin collaborators:

Afro-Brazilian jazz/soul singer:

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Pretty decent week, all told.

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@discobot help

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lovin’ the sturgill simpson bluegrass album

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Thanks, @dresi - loving all 3 of your suggestions this week! Good strike rate. Appreciate the guidance!

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Found some good music here, thanks!

I’d previously liked a song of Paddy Hanna’s, but hadn’t realised he had a new album out. Just had one listen, but it sounds really good and quite different from what I was expected.

Jenny Sturgeon is a nice Scottish/Irish (?) sounding folky kind of album, which is very pretty.

And I almost didn’t check out Delmer Darion due to the droney description, but I’m glad I did. Definitely looking forward to listening to it a lot more and getting to know it.

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The more the merrier!

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