New releases - 16/11/2018

hi! there’s a new record from me on Lost Tribe Sound out today:

it’s a double album, and features me & Aaron Martin on one side, and just me on t’other.


new Jacques Greene EP out today it seems

sounds like Jacques Greene tbh. lovely stuff.

Taken me 5 listens this morning The Good, The Bad & The Queen album is brilliant. Started off disappointed by it not being as like the 1st album by part way through the third listen I was convinced that this should be Albarn’s main band going forward.

Josephine Foster :+1::+1::+1:

what do you make of this?

New Christine Fellows for the journey home…

Pretty much backed by The Weakerthans at this point.

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Is there anything worse than a review that suggests anyone liking an album is stupid or gullible

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Yeah there’s probably lots of things worse, but still annoying!

Remember Invisible Minds?

“Techno icon” Tim Green is behind it.

Seemingly the album is out today. I might check it out. Along with SP

Kaelan Mikla are an Icelandic band who want to be a less pop Ladytron.
I like.

new Mariah Carey too

on my second listen. It is good, especially Greek Fire.

This is lovely. Vocal snippets against the strings in UC III are a delight.

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All over Hen Ogledd - Richard Dawson and friends do wonky electro pop.


I’d made a note that the Massive Attack remastered Mezzanine was meant to be out today. Looking it up, it turns out that the 2018 remaster will now be released “early 2019” :confused:

Going to have to give this a go. Properly loved The Weakerthans.

Actually came out in the week, but the Fetti album (Freddie Gibbs, Curren$y and The Alchemist) is fantastic.

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Fuck off has Mariah Carey released an album as good as Butterfly this week, I refuse to believe it (it’s really good guys!) incredibly beautiful instrumentation and she doesn’t over do it on the vocal front.