New releases 16/3/18

Whatcha listening to this week then DiS?

I’m starting with Alva Noto’s Unieqav - it’s sounding incredible from the early tracks. Pulsing electronic rhythms dancing over eerie soundscapes. I love Alva Noto’s music so much.

Will be giving The Decemeberists a spin later on as well, but not while I’m trying to write code.

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I will be listening to The Decemberists too though I was not too keen on the last single. :frowning: I did like ‘Severed’ that came on earlier on this year. So we’ll see. :slight_smile:
Then Mount Erie and Hot Snakes and Yo La Tengo.
I have still to listen to loads from last week as well (Young Fathers!)

Have Mount Eerie, Yo La Tengo, 03 Greedo and Hot Snakes lined up for today.

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Starting with Caroline Says, No Fool Like an Old Fool. Hushed and drowsy, dreamy introspection for a Friday afternoon.


The aforementioned Decemberists, YLT and Mount Eerie albums for me. Plus I’ll give the new Snoop album a go, for old times sake.

There’s also a Dungen/Woods co-lab that I will queue up. Could be interesting.

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I believe that a band called HOT SNAKES have a new album out today. Probably going to be rubbish :wink::wink:


thanks for the heads-up! Three of my fave artists on one day - what a treat!

Hot Snakes! Got the record put aside for me, going to skip to the store at lunchtime like Charlie Bucket. Resisting the urge to load up spotify until then!

As usual, my Spotify Release Radar is telling me about bands I’ve listened to once or twice only (Sunflower Bean?) and ignoring bands whose singles I’ve been hammering (Decemberists, Yo La Tengo - thanks DiS!)

Otherwise, I’ll probably try the new Polar Bear LP


Mount Eerie and Yo La Tengo for me.

Not a lot of stuff out today relative to other weeks.

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Yo La Tengo. I’m going to be ignoring everything else.


Out today

I am excite


Mount Eerie

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Essaie Pas for me this morning. Saw them live a few months ago. Pretty good.

Is this the Polar Bear that’s the jazz band with Seb Roachford…cus this is not what I was expecting them to come out with. I’m guessing there’s another Polar Bear? A google search for “Polar Bear Album Snow” comes up with Snow Patrol’s Music for Polar Bears and nothing else

Oooh. This is neat. Really good.

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Oh man, this is seriously banging. Brilliant