🇮🇪 New Releases 17/03/23

liking this so far… never heard them before.

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The debut or the new one?

The new one! As mentioned above it’s a lot of fun

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Really looking forward to listening, although not feeling 100% today so might wait until I am a bit sharper

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Its really really good, the sampling of Be Aggressive is an absolute highlight for me…


Like the new Gecs and while the Yves album is listening a killer like Kerosene! I think it is more consistent then the last release. No real filler tracks. Some feel like they could have been fleshed out a bit more mind

Thought Fantasy Country was a bit meh. This is sounding a little more interesting. Didn’t even realise they had an album out last year as well.

Which song please? Will check it out.

Lake Haze - Coordinates Of A Decaying World

Dont think this EP has been mentioned yet.
Certainly not as downbeat as the title.

“Mysterious, melodic and dark - Lake Haze is back, adding to his impressive catalogue a four-tracker EP named ‘Coordinates Of A Decaying World’ for Lisbon’s ever-attentive Paraíso.”

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Some more

Whitney’s Playland - Sunset Sea Breeze

Dreamy indie pop like The Sundays, YLT, GBV.

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From 2 min mark I am not sure if its a sample of FNM song or just the same chant - its awesome anyway


The one last year was a reissue of either their first album, or a pair of early EPs, I think.

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Nice. They’re a great band. This is actually their third album.

Great live also. Hoping some dates will pop up soon.

Robert Ffrench - Wondering

Lost 1980s dancehall album gets a reissue. Ffo Barrington Levy and William Onyeabor style rediscovery.


One for @guntrip I feel. Fuzzy dreamy indie pop

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That’s too many gecs


This M83 record is nice enough, but I do wish he’d write some actual tunes again. Filler city.

I hate to be all “old man shakes fist at cloud”, but this is a steaming pile of nonsense.

This, on the other hand is great. His previous sounded… fine, but never captured my imagination like this one.

Just noticed this

Haven’t listened yet but his other band SPICE made one of my favorites of last year.

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