🇮🇪 New Releases 17/03/23

I put the album on this morning when going to drop my gf off at the airport. Operator was on just before the drop-off point, so I said oh that’s from FNM’s Be Aggressive. She said it’s also a common cheer, and that I must have never been to a high school (American) football game. To which I replied maybe once. I’ll always associate it with FNM, but their very own use could be a sample as well (if they didn’t hire a squad to record their own version).

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Yves Tumor was the only thing I had on my radar today, but a few others have come to my attention:

Blessed - Felt (new single)
This song seems to take Blessed back to their more intricate mathy post-hardcore sound, compared to the more spacious art rock we heard on their second album Circuitous last year. More of this please.

Them Airs - Viper Island (EP)
I’ve been casually interested in this Connecticut band the last handful of years, but have only heard one albums thus far. They’re doing artsy indie rock, some of which could be called post-punk or art punk. Haven’t listened to this yet but the samples reveal more electronic instruments being brought in.

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Thanks, just got through my first listen and I’m really liking it so far. Don’t think I’ve ever listened to them for some reason.

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brand new to me too, just heard stuff I was sure would resonate for you too

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Some great highs in it. Wish there was more new tracks though, as live shows covered a fair bit of the unreleased. The middle switch up is extreme but at the same time I kind of wish they were playing frog on the floor live when I saw them.

I really hope we get a Laura Les solo album at some point.

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Carl Stone and Ken Ikeda’s new record is pretty special

Whenever I come across an 100 gecs track, I just feel really old. Just sounds like a shitpost come to life except they’ve tried way too hard to be rAnDoM


This ep didn’t do much for me but the Diamond Skies album is just the kind of techno I like. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

This seems to have been released yesterday; expanded 10 year anniversary edition of Pedestrian Verse by Frightened Rabbit. Their high point imho, and in State Hospital, their finest moment (again imo)


Moderat Remix Album

Surgeon - Crash recoil

I missed the new album by Surgeon. Great listening techno that’s a lot less boring than I usually find him.

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Just posting this album which was released the previous week, but wasn’t mentioned (as far as I can see), other than @bruised_blood posting the album cover in the album covers thread (the good one or the bad one? you decide!)

Lia Kohl - The Ceiling Reposes
Sounds like: “She creates and performs sonic landscapes utilizing cello, synthesizers, field recordings, and live radio to explore the mundane and profound possibilities of sound.”
On my third listen of it today - really quite liking its experimental noises which all sound really good collected together.


Great artwork, great album! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m enjoying it.

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Node - Singularity

Instrumental modular synth ambient/kosmische electronica. The ‘lost album’ of recordings made during the original mid-90s sessions by the experimental synth outfit.

“The music is a snapshot in time 29 years ago when Node were first powering up their huge banks of vintage modulars and sequencers to create a tapestry of electronic sound.

At times raw and almost out of control and at others delicate and ethereal, this quartet of fabled musicians can create atmospheres and soundscapes like no other. The crackling energy of the sounds they coax out of these steam driven behemoths positively pulsates with life and organic energy and will be a real treat for aficionados of the Berlin school style of electronic music.”

Fever Ray, Ulrika Spacek and H Hawkline were the top 3 last week.

What did you like this week?

  • 100 gecs - 10,000 gecs
  • Aibhe Reddy - Endless Affair
  • Applescal - 2023 EP
  • Black Honey - A Fistful of Peaches
  • Blessed - Felt single
  • Carl Stone and Ken Ikeda - DAM
  • Daði Freyr - I’m Making An Album 1/3 EP
  • Daniel Johnston - Love Lives Forever (BBC Sessions 2003 - 2011)
  • Dark Horses - While We Were Sleeping
  • Death and Vanilla - Flicker
  • Deathcrash - Less
  • DJ Black Low - Impulelelo
  • Doug Paisley - Say What You Like
  • Early Fern - Perpetual Care
  • East Forest and Peter Broderick - Burren
  • Emilíana Torrini - Racing The Storm
  • FIDLAR - That’s Life EP
  • Flavien Berger - Dans Cent Ans
  • Flyying Colours - You Never Know
  • Frightened Rabbit - Pedestrian Verse (10th Anniversary Edition)
  • Grub Nap - God Pile
  • Iceland Symphony Orchestra - Icelandic Works for the Stage
  • Kjellvandertonbruket - Fossils
  • Kosaya Gora - Kosogor
  • Lake Haze - Coordinates Of A Decaying World
  • Lana Del Rabies - Strega Beata
  • Lia Kohl - The Ceiling Reposes
  • M83 - Fantasy
  • MARO - hortelã
  • Ni’jah (KIRBY & Childish Gambino) - Swarm
  • Node - Singularity
  • Nuha Ruby Ra - Machine Like Me
  • Oropendola - Waiting For The Sky To Speak
  • Robert Ffrench - Wondering
  • Ross Farrar - Going Strange
  • Surgeon - Crash Recoil
  • Technology + Teamwork - We Used To Be Friends
  • The Chemical Brothers - No Reason single
  • The Van Pelt - Artisans & Merchants
  • Them Airs - Viper Island (EP)
  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra - V
  • Waterbaby - Spiral
  • Whitney’s Playland - Sunset Sea Breeze
  • Yves Tumor – Praise A Lord Who Chews But Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds)

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