New releases 17.07.20

Protomartyr - The Fall if they started in the 00s and came from Detroit
Crack Cloud - Crack Cloud
Joey Bada$$ - hip-hop. Dunno what this EP sounds like but his last album was :fire:

What’s on everyone else’s radar?

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Lianne La Havas :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Lianne la haves and proromatyr for me chief

New Nicolas Jaar is my main excitement this week. So far it is even better than Cenizas, probably more like DARKSIDE (which for me is the best thing he has doen, even better than A.L.L.) without the guitar and nord drum machine.


The long awaited return of punk stalwarts The Lawrence Arms and Strike Anywhere for me


Big day! Protomartyr (one of my most anticipated of the year!), Lianna La Havis, the now ridiculously prolific Nicolas Jaar and Jarvis.

Not sure where to start

Many of the albums already mentioned on my list today, plus the new one from Bing & Ruth; Modern, minimal Piano/chamber music on 4AD

Edit: this one actually less piano-led by the sounds of it


Prefer Lianna la have nots myself


Lianne La Havas and Jarvis for me today.

Really looking forward to properly listening to this album:

Jonathan Bree - After The Curtains Close

Collaborator of Princess Chelsea, and he has such a great deep baritone voice. FFO Jens Lekman.
It doesn’t seem to be on Spotify yet, just Bandcamp. Already love the song Waiting On The Moment, after listening to it a few times before the album was released.

Land Of Talk - Now You Want To Live In The Light

A five track ep, and sounds quite nice indie folk, she’s got a nice voice. Maybe a bit like This Is The Kit or something like that. I think they are maybe signed to Saddle Creek.

Will also check out Jarv Is.
And quite happy that Austra has remixed a song by Lido Pimientos, seeing as they’ve both released great albums this year.


illuminati hotties - free I.H: This is Not The One You’ve Been Waiting For


Have listened to some of this one now so will add: FFO Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Tim Hecker, Steve Hauschildt


I forgot how happy Jarvis Cockers voice makes me


Whoa. Did not expect to see any love for them on here

Protomartyr! Crack Cloud! Nicolas Jaar! Objekt!

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Nice little EP/Single (?) from father john misty

Singer songwriter Americana-y vibes. Loved his last album so hoping for good things.

Ah these are the covers he released on band camp I think.

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makes sense - thanks