New Releases 17/11/2017

So, besides OCS and Charlotte Gainsbourg, what you got lined up for today?

So looking forward to the OCS album - back to an older sound, and with Brigid back. That’s my type of OCS.

fuck! didn’t know there was a new OCS! Have to get onto that quickly

only really got hold of those Tame Impala b-sides before work this morning - need to get ontot he King Gizz stuff aas well

OCS album is enjoyable, though not in the same league as their louder stuff for me. enjoying the King Gizzard one, hadn’t given Crumbling Castle a full listen when it came out but it’s wonderful. album’s not as consistent as FMB but i look forward to spending some time with it.

There’s a new Jimmy Chamberlin Complex album out. I think that’s it for me this week, it’s feeling like a slow month compared to the last two.

Think the new Baths album is out today?

Sharon van Etten reissue is on my list to investigate.

OO! Just spotted a lovely-sounding new single on spotify from AMUSEMENT PARKS ON FIRE.

Had forgotten they were returning.

Surprised that there’s so many ocean colour scene fans on the boards


Pleased about that new Amusement Parks On Fire Single hopefully that might mean there’s an album on the way.

I’ve been looking forward to the new Gleemer album. (shoegazing post hardcore, i guess)

Following an advertising campaign, whether they meant it or not, of reminding me how much I loved them by re-releasing Chaos AD and Roots, Cavalera Conspiracy have been swift to release their latest, so I guess I’d better check that out.

is that Burial - Pre Dawn/Indoors single new today? it says it is on the Spotifys.

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Milk Teeth have a new ep out too, as to Teleman

Genuinely thought you were all getting excited about a new Ocean Colour Scene album :face_with_monocle:


I’m hoping that the OCS buzz is for Thee Oh Sees and not Ocean Colour Scene…

I’ll have Teleman on too and I see there’s a new album from The She’s. Nice.

Gave Boubacar Traore’s new one a go when I woke up. Recorded in Mississippi with some bluesy/cajun players from there in a kind of Afro-American feedback loop. Nice mood music but did get a bit backgroundy by the end.

Got OCS on now. Never heard this mellow side of Dwyer, I like it. Are the other albums under this name similar?

Probably try Tove Lo later, as Disco Tits is so great, but expect it’ll be a bit too club pop for me.

Unsurprisingly, the buzz is for Thee Oh Sees, now renamed (for this album at least) OCS, in that cheeky John Dwyeresque-ish way of his. [Frankly, I really don’t know (or care) if Ocean Colour Scene have a new album out, and I sure ain’t going to waste any time checking.]

Equally unsurprisingly - on first spin - I really enjoyed the mellow fruitfulness of Memory of a Cut off Head (that is, the new album by OCS, formerly known as Thee Oh Sees, and not anything to do with Ocean Colour Scene).

Hopefully that has cleared that up :smiley:.

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@gert. If you like this, look for 3&4 (Songs About Death and Dying Vol. 3/Get Stoved Vol. 4) on Spotify (under OCS), or my long time favourite, the live album Thee Hounds of Foggy Notion (not on Spotify, but I think issued under The Oh Sees name). Really any Dwyer vehicle around 2005-8, with Brigid on board. Earlier gets a bit too experimental for me …

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Gonna check out The OCS (along with what appears to be all of DiS) and the new The Body & Full of Hell collaboration, which I expect to be suitably hideous. I think the new Godflesh album is out today as well, though it’s not on Spotify.

Slow Meadow - Costero
His debut was in my top 5 for 2016. Loosely file under ambient / modern classical and released by Hammock’s label I think. On my first spin now.


Oh sweet - I only recently heard his first record (might have been due to a mention by you in the ambient thread actually) but it won me over instantly. Excited for more of that.

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Thanks. Good that somebody else has appropriated the acronym and we can put all memory of men in fishing hats on scooters behind us.

…and just added Memory of a Cut Off Head to my queue. Thanks.

Ah man his debut is so wonderfully melancholy. I’m on record here as generally not being a fan of the whole modern classical movement in the ambient world, but I love the way he layers harmonies on top of his piano noodlings.

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