New Releases 17/11/2017


Ah man his debut is so wonderfully melancholy. I’m on record here as generally not being a fan of the whole modern classical movement in the ambient world, but I love the way he layers harmonies on top of his piano noodlings.


I’m a big fan of stuff in that hinterland between modern classical and ambient myself - that was my route into ambient really - but a lot of it is a much of a muchness tbf. You can tell when something is a cut above the rest really quickly I think (though I find it hard to describe the difference) and Slow Meadow is definitely on another level.


Ok, nothing to do with this week’s releases, but I’d strongly recommend Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto.


Oh, nice - I’ve listened to a bunch of Sakamoto’s stuff but not this one. Thanks man! I’ll give it a whirl after Slow Meadow is over. It’s going to be a very sad morning. In a good way.


His collabs with Alva Noto are amazing, Insen in particular. Saw them live a few years back and it was mesmerizing. Generally Alva Noto is well worth exploring - Xerrox 2 is one of my all time ambient jams, and his more rhythmic work is very interesting too.


Dare I check this out?


We’ve stuck our final album out, Outlive Your Body. Come give it a spin :slight_smile:


The name is familiar but I’m not sure I’ve ever listened to any of his stuff. Thanks for the tip - down another rabbit hole I go.




at first i thought it was dreadful, but it turns out it’s only not that good really.

edit: by which i mean it’s great, obviously!


Like a lot of ONSIND records, it’ll take a while for the lyrics to really click in but a breezy, short listen.


Really hoping this new OCS album is the follow up to Moseley Shoals we’ve all been waiting for.


I’ll not hear a bad word said against Marchin’ Already


That Joy Orbison Selectors 004 is decent - eclectic dance stuff, he has an ear for a good tune no doubt.


Didn’t know there was a new Electric Wizard til it showed up in Spotify. It’s pretty much the definition of a band treading water but when you’ve been singing about covens and druids for 8 albums I suppose you paint yourself into a bit of a corner. The whole time it was playing, I was thinking yer man Jus must be in his 40s by now, is he not a bit bored of this yet?

There’s a Peter Broderick album out too, a sort of compilation of songs and music he’s been commissioned for… very pleasant but not sure I’ll be going back to it all that often


I imagine with doom having a resurgence in popularity - and it’s fans being such big vinyl lovers - Jus is gonna ride that wave for as long as possible. And why not?

Cba with it myself. I’ll just bung Dopethrone on instead.


I dared not


Aidan Moffat album of Where You’re Meant To Be outtakes, name yer price


also gonna paste the King Gizzard link in here in case anyone isn’t aware that it’s FREE