New releases 17/3


Feels a bit void of excitement vs. last week. Was intrigued by the Jacaszek release on Ghostly, but it’s not capturing me in any way. What’s floating your boats?


Sorority Noise


Spoon for me Clive


Ok, but I want to be the big spoon


The Chilly Gonzales & Jarvis Cocker collaboration album is out today plus the new ones from Spoon, Real Estate and Conor Oberst.


Listening to the new Real Estate album. Four songs in - s’OK so far, not blown away yet though.


I’m going to listen to these spoons you lot are banging on about


I’m saving listening to Spoons album for over the weekend, like a treat or a dessert :ice_cream:


Not feeling this. Hope it’s more to your tastes


Ah fair enough! Have you listened to any of their previous material?


Nope. One of those bands that I feel have been on my radar forever but never got round to checking out. Until today.


Second that. It’s ok but not a patch on They Want My Soul. Might be a grower


Haha oh dear! Well I’ve yet to hear it so I really can’t comment further on this particular album. I’m only really a casual fan but both They Want My Soul and Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga are hit filled party pleasers in my books. They might be better places to start that is if Hot Thoughts hasn’t put you off them entirely


I’ve been listening to the new Spoon album. I was looking forward to it but not feeling it. I’ll give it a few more listens though. I have Real Estate to listen to too.



Yeah, slightly barren day today. The Echo and the Bunnymen live album was quite good.

Some good new singles out from Yorkston/Thorne/Khan, DBFC, Clark, MALKA, Pronto Mama, Johnny Flynn, Wire, Soulwax and The Vegan Leather though.



Listened to Ben Frost and Depeche Mode today.


Spoon and Horsebeach are both bankers. Not a bad week.


Yeah the new :spoon: sounds pretty bang on to me. They’re on an absurdly long run of great albums since Girls Can Tell