🐶 🆕 New Releases 17 Nov 23 🆕 🦞

What have we got this week?

Danny Brown - Quaranta

Been eagerly awaiting this. First solo LP since 2019 for the Detroit rapper, and the last one that will come out on Warp.

Rainy Miller x Space Afrika - A Grisaille Wedding

Manchester Space Afrika are one of my artists of the decade. Here they team up with Preston’s Rainy Miller for a collab of urban, industrial, trip hop, ambience.

André 3000 - New Blue Sun

Flute. Lots of flute.


Kurt Vile - Back to Moon Beach

It’s an ‘‘EP’’ that’s over 50m
ffo Kurt Vile


Ali Sethi & Nicolas Jaar - Intiha

No idea what to expect, but this is about Ali Sethi from Bandcamp:

“Sethi is best known globally for his attempts to revive the ghazal, an ancient poetic form that was taken by Sufi mystics from the Arab world to Persia and throughout the Indian subcontinent, where it captivated the royal court.”

Made the album out of loops from Jaar’s ‘Telas’, which was about as impenetrable a thing as I’ve heard in ages. But seems to work, the single slaps.

Other than that, Space Afrika, Danny Brown, and lots and lots of flute on my list.


Danny Brown & Andre are on my list plus…

Blockhead - The Aux

Blockhead’s first solo album for a couple of years, released via Backwoods with a feast of guest rappers including: Billy Woods, Aesop Rock, Danny Brown, Quelle Chris & Open Mike Eagle

Real Bad Man & YOUNGMORPHEUS - The Chalice & The Blade

In 2023 Real Bad Man helped Kool Keith put out a very good album & followed that with a solid Blu album, so I’m definitely looking forward to giving this a listen. Features include Kool Keith, Blu, Boldy James & Fatboi Shariff.


Just had my first listen to Danny and it’s off the charts. Hadn’t heard it’s the last with Warp…

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Deafheaven - Sunbather (10th Anniversary Remix / Remaster)

The new version of Vertigo they released earlier this year was promising. Just listened to Dream House and it sounds huge with way more low end and insane drums. Black metal/shoegaze?


Looking forward to that Blockhead, maybe even more so than last week’s Aesop Rock due to all the features. Used to be a big fan but haven’t listened to any of his albums since 2014.

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Vince Clarke - Songs of Silence

First solo album(!) from the guy who pretty much invented synth pop music.


woah! this is proper intriguing


No links here yet but:

Iron and Wine- Who Can See Forever Soundtrack (indie folk/americana)
Emeli Sande- How Were We To Know (Pop/sou/r&B)
Julie Byrne- Julie Byrne With Cry With Laugh (folk/psychedelic)
Yellow Swans- Left Behind (noise/drone)
Smoke Fairies- Caried In Sound (folk)


What is this??? :astonished: thought they split up years ago! Can’t see anything new on Spotify…

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not “new” new but unreleased


New Julie Byrne EP!

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New smoke fairies

The Polyphonic Spree - Salvage Enterprise
New album from the Spree! It’s not going to win them any new fans, and I think so far doesn’t have any wow moments, but it’s nice so far and I’m enjoying it. Hope they can manage to get some bulk saver flight tickets to come and do some gigs here again.


sir Was - We Can Go Anywhere From Here
Swedish chap, ‘molding his songs from hip-hop beats, textural synths, pop structures, and ambient production flourishes’

Orbiting Human Circus - Quartet Plus Two
Main person from Music Tapes, and apparently Elephant 6/Neutral Milk Hotel member. Looks like he’s a big fan of the musical saw, and maybe Daniel Johnston-esque in his delivery.

deary - deary EP
Dreampop shoegazey sounds.

United Freedom Collective - Vast Oceans, Empty Skies EP
Will be seeing these guys play in London tonight. An assortment of sounds and instruments, not entirely sure how to describe them.

Kishi Bashi - Music from the Song Film: Omoiyari
One man violin singing extraordinaire, for fans of Owen Pallett. Looks like some reworked older songs and presumably some newer soundtrack-esque tunes for his film.

Owen Pallett - Dream Scenario (Original Motion Picture Score)
Speaking of whom, Owen has a film soundtrack out also.

Daniel Bachman - When The Roses Come Again
alt-banjo droney instrumentals?

Simon Farintosh - Noctuary
One of CBC’s ‘30 Under 30 Hottest Classical Musicians’ in 2023 apparently. This album is an extended composition for solo 8-string guitar. FFO solo 8-string guitars.

Löwenzahnhonig - Löwenzahnhonig
Trio consisting of Long Tall Jefferson, Fai Baba and Paul Märki. I imagine sunny laid back kind of vibes.

Dawid Tyszkowski - Mój kot zaginął i już raczej nie wróci
Polish chap/singing. Synthy indie pop? not sure yet.

Spearmint - This Candle Is For You
Late 90s Hefner-esque band still plodding along. I really loved their 2001 A Different Lifetime album, so will give this a spin.

Richard Walters - Murmurate
Has recently been playing as part of LYR. Melodic sad indie I imagine.

Øyunn - Aspects
Danish lady who was/is part of Efterklang’s live band, and sat with us for dinner at their lovely summer party this year. Experimental alt-pop and various different sounds.


Lucidvox - That​’​s What Remained

The main one for me today. The quartet of Moscow women put out one of my favourite albums of 2020 with the post-rock/psych-folk We Are. The band members all left Russia following the Ukraine invasion and are living in different countries from one another; they got together over the Summer to record this album.

Sense Fracture - Landscape Of Thorns

Experimental industrial electronic doomy noise. All those words. I think this is going to be a punishing yet rewarding listen.

V​/​A - Alex from Tokyo presents Japan Vibrations Vol​.​1

Compilation of tracks from Japan’s electronic dance music scene from the mid ’80s to the mid ’90s.


Two EPs out today from two of my favourite new-ish pop artists for those wanting some straight up catchy hits

Hardly needs an introduction

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories (Drumless)

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Needs more drums