New Releases 18/03/22

Always wanted to start this thread…

What is on your radar this week? I’m going to start off with some pop bangers.

Charli XCX - CRASH

Pitchfork reckon it’s her best full-length since ‘Pop 2’

Rosalía - MOTOMAMI

Her last album was a huge one for me so looking forward to this. Flamenco and reggaeton-infused pop.



Featuring members of Pinback, Hot Snakes, Rise Against… if you like those bands then this is for you. It was actually released yesterday, and has lived up to my high expectations.

Island of Love – Songs of Love EP

New London band, FFO Ovlov, Yuck

Yumi Zouma – Present Tense

Poppy guitar music from New Zealand

John Tejada – Sleepwalker

Dark glitchy house music

Scale & Feather – Arizona

Heavy post-rock

Trudge – No More Motivation

French techno producer. “a cathartic whirlwind that pushes and pulls from one part of the psyche to the next.”

Pinch Points – Process

Lo-fi Australian punk


New soundtrack from Blanck Mass


Jawhar - Tasweerah
“If you look somewhere between Timber Timbre, Warren Ellis, and Nick Drake, you will find Jawhar”.
Tunisian chap, singing in Arabic, with ‘twelve dark pop-folk gems’. I really loved his last album from a few years ago, so I’m looking forward to getting to know these mournful sounding songs.

Hinako Omori - A Journey…
FFO Ana Roxanne and Juliana Barwick dreamy sort of sounds.

Spellcaster - Memo
Danish experimental synthy songs.

Blue States - World Contact Day
“featuring a combination of instrumental soundscapes and vocal songs that draw from influences as diverse as world as Morricone, Vangelis, Beak, Broadcast and The Carpenters.”

Mattiel - On The Run
This American duo were a Music League discovery for me. Nice indie guitar pop.

Koma Saxa / Peter Eldh / Sofia Jernberg - Koma West
mini orchestral jazzy songs with some waily operatic kinda lady singing over it.


Sonic Youth - In / Out / In
Five previously unreleased songs from the last 10 years Sonic Youth were a band.

FFO: jam sessions from a band with very low quality control in the first place, debating the best / worst ATP lineups, confidently declaring that Daydream Nation is one of the best albums ever without being able to get through it in a single sitting


Wait did this come out ages ago?

Cypress Hill - Back In Black
The Weezer of hip hop are back! Again!

FFO: smoking the marijuana like a cigarette, bands that released three incredible albums in the 90s then about thirty absolute duffers, those bucket hats but not in a Bez-ish way, still being stoked to see them on a festival lineup because they’ll do the hits which absolutely slap




Anadol - Felicita

Been looking forward to this one for a while thanks to this review from Jennifer Lucy Allen:

I really don’t know what’s going on here, but that’s not a bad thing at all – the collection of sounds, styles and motifs doesn’t hang together as anything I can work out, even after repeated listens. There is a kosmiche engine behind the opening track, then it’s all change for some Twin Peaks-ish incidental music – like offcuts from the Audrey Horne motifs – which are then bleached into a sort of dinky coldwave piece, before some lyrical saxophone playing drifts onto the scene, which is in turn ousted by a collage of rippling synths and space sounds, glassy synth pop, and Anatolian psychedelia. This unlikely multi-genre trip is a bit of a head fuck, but its twists and turns are so unexpected I receive them as a rare and pleasing boldness.


New midlake!


New Peter Doherty (and sound pretty good!)


Debut lp from Chalk Hands

Love this, got the download on monday with the pre order and have been rinsing it all week. A perfect Post-hardcore / Post - Rock / Melodic Screamo blend.

Think Gybe!, mewithoutyou, and suis la lune blended together.


“I really don’t know what’s going on here”

Must be the soundtrack to my life then

I’m in

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New Oso Oso!!


Ohh forgot this was out today. Looking forward to it muchly.

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Hot Water Music - Feel the Void
Emo/post-hardcore FFO Jimmy Eat World, Rival Schools, Thrice


The Broadcast motherlode is released today - rare albums and BBC sessions getting proper releases on vinyl, CD and streaming services


YES. As a bearded, flannel wearing man the wrong side of 35 a new Hot Water Music album is a source of much excitement.


Snap… on all accounts

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It better be good, the last couple were very flat