New Releases 18/06/2021

It’s Friday again.

New albums-wise, I mainly have indiepop plans thanks to The Catenary Wires and Kings of Convenience.

The Catenary Wires - Birling Gap

Kings of Convenience - Peace or Love

What’s new for you today?


Curious to hear what the H.E.R. album sounds like after all the hype around it, so will take a listen to that for sure.

John Myrtle - Myrtle Soup

60s and early 70s influenced folk pop. Great for this time of year

Anyone else giving the RemiXX of Origin of Symmetry a go? Woof.

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New Bossk for some post metal.

SCALPING for a techno - noise rock mash up. Very excited for this :slight_smile:


New Kareem Ali album due some time today (will be Bandcamp exclusive for a couple of weeks apparently).


If you liked what Muse sounded like 20 years ago but a very slightly different OOS isn’t doing it for you, you might like Tigercub’s new album


OK, who asked for a new Fear Factory album?

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Jaga Jazzist live EP

Hania Rani (should be nice piano)


Pye Corner Audio

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I’d totally forgotten this was out today! Nice! :+1:

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Not me.

Andrew Hung of Fuck Buttons has an album out.
The singles sounded kinda goth but I don’t know if they’re any good. :thinking:


Quick admin point:

Please think of your friendly weekly summary poll-maker and include the artist and title in the text of your post in the format ‘Artist - Title’. It just makes it less of a hassle when I’m copying and pasting to compile the list for the poll.

Thank you!


The last one apparently. Burton C. Bell quit.

But not enjoyed a FF album for about 20 years now.

I loved his last album, but his singing voice is definitely… tricky


Just banged the jazz jazzist album on. Lovely stuff

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Came here to post about this. I’d pre-ordered it, so heading over to Bandcamp now to download in full. The singles are decent, particularly Promises is really solid. Looking forward to hearing what the rest of the album has to offer.

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Last album was great wasn’t it. The instrumental version is particularly lovely imo.

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Silly Boy Blue - Breakup Songs
Found her from the cancelled Great Escape line-up last year. Only listened to a couple of songs so far, but they sound really good, and her voice and sound is maybe a bit similar to The Dø.

maybe @Mert_Aksac remembers them - they were apparently a special guest at the Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine in 2017. They popped up on my list because one song is with my favourite Ukranians, DakhaBrakha, so curious to see how nicely weird this album is.

WOOM - Into The Rest (Remixed)
A sort of acapella choir type group. They released a nice EP earlier this year, and this is a set of remixes of it which sounds quite nice so far, despite me not normally being too fussed with remixes.

Tom Sanders - Tom Sanders Sings With The Ligeti Quartet
Frontman of Teleman. He released his debut album last year, but I only heard (and liked) a couple of songs from it. Some lovely strings on this, and his voice sounds nice too.

Matty - Danica
Nice sort of catchy melodic indie I think.

Skott - Chapter I (Acoustic)
Swedish lady, who I think I discovered from someone on this board from her great album last year. Acoustic EP.

Griff - One Foot In Front Of The Other EP
Kinda poppy sort of sound.


Excellent ‘Artist - Title’ posting etiquette, thank you!

Also, very interesting finds! Definitely gonna be listening to that Tom Sanders/Ligeti Quartet thing.

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