New Releases 18/06/2021

This is great - I didn’t realise who he was so had skimmed over him whenever seeing the name. Did a good job of soothing the baby to sleep as well so double win.

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Oh that’s lovely, was it Yarmouth or Lovers Walk you listened to?

Hello @matthewl! Glad you’ve been enjoying these brilliant threads! Welcome to DiS :smiley:

Still no sign of this.

What a lazy man


These are both great!

Usually anything described as “metal” puts me off a bit. At the risk of sounding totally ignorant (think that ship has long since sailed) - I have no idea what “post metal” is. I think you could put any word in front of metal and I’ll be none the wiser. So almost didn’t bother with Bossk, but I’m really glad I did.

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Right then, no overwhelming favourites last week, but the top three on our voting list were Alessandro Cortini, Part Chimp and Sleater-Kinney.

Who’s brought the noise for you this week?

  • /A\ - /A\
  • Andrew Hung - Devastations
  • Angel Bat Dawid - Hush Harbor Mixtape Vol. 1 Doxology
  • Angelique Kidjo - Mother Nature
  • Belly - Bees
  • Benjamin Francis Leftwich - To Carry A Whale
  • Birdengine - Somnam
  • Bootlicker - Bootlicker
  • Bossk - Migration
  • David Boulter - Lover’s Walk
  • Deap Vally - American Cockroach EP
  • Don Cherry - The Summer House Sessions
  • Eboni Band - Eboni Band
  • Erland Cooper - The Island 1961 EP
  • Fear Factory - Aggression Continuum
  • Francis Lung - Miracle
  • Griff - One Foot In Front Of The Other EP
  • H.E.R. - Back of My Mind
  • Hania Rani - Music for Film and Theatre
  • Jaga Jazzist - The Tower
  • Jeffrey Lewis - Now We’ve Beat That Stupid Virus We Can Get Back To Our Stupid Lives
  • John Myrtle - Myrtle Soup
  • K C Jones – Queen Of The In Between
  • Kings of Convenience - Peace or Love
  • Liz Lawrence - Saturated
  • Luggage - Fear
  • Matty - Danica
  • Max Bloom - Pedestrian
  • Mega Bog - Weight of the Earth, on Paper
  • ME REX - Megabear
  • MJ Guider - Temporary Requiem
  • Muse - Origin of Symmetry (XX Anniversary RemiXX)
  • Mykki Blanco - Broken Hearts and Beauty Sleep
  • Pip Blom - Keep It Together
  • Pye Corner Audio - Black Mill Tapes Volume 5: The Lost Tapes
  • Rose Riebl – Do Not Move Stones
  • SCALPING - Flood
  • Silly Boy Blue - Breakup Songs
  • Skott - Chapter I (Acoustic)
  • Slift - Levitation Sessions
  • Splurgeboys - METOX
  • Tenth Planet - Soft Verges
  • The Catenary Wires - Birling Gap
  • The Wildhearts - Remember These Days
  • Tigercub - As Blue as Indigo
  • Tom Sanders - Tom Sanders Sings With The Ligeti Quartet
  • Various Artists - TIIF 10
  • Wanderings - Wish / Falling
  • Whispering Sons - Several Others
  • WOOM - Into The Rest (Remixed)

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Oh God that David Boulter thing is lovely but only listen to it if you’re up for being punched straight in the feels (as the young people say).

He’s an original member of the Tindersticks and if you can imagine something like ‘My Sister’ but as a short story that spans the length of an LP you’ll have some sort of idea what you’re in for. Really great stuff but don’t know how often I’ll listen to it again…


Yes, listened to Lovers Walk this morning, beautiful work David. I didn’t realise it was one story told over the whole album but my attention never wavered, it can sometimes with spoken word. He’s a really good writer, it never strays into indulgence. Seems more powerful for being relatively restrained.

I have hammered Kings of Convenience this week and I’m still not really sure, yes it’s lovely but outside of Rocky Trail nothing is sticking


Very much my experience with it too

It’s annoyed me a bit actually, I was really looking forward to it. Going to take a break and try again.

I selected it in the poll because it sounds nice enough and I reckon it could be a grower. However I’ve listened to it 3 times and I can’t remember anything other than Rocky Trail and a couple of lyrics about a promiscuous angel and a washing machine :man_shrugging:

That’s funny about the lyrics, those are the exact same ones that jumped out to me too, because I went “huh?” in a not altogether good way. Maybe when the weather brightens up I will too.

Still, Rocky Trail though :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Dipped my toe in it earlier, and it seemed alright, but it’s not great to work to. Much as I love “My Sister” (and I really, really do) I’m struggling a little with it as a whole album. It does feel like the kind of thing that would be good to switch off all devices, and lie back to give it full concentration. You have persuaded me to give it another go though.


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Yeah I absolutely couldn’t get any marking done to it but listening to it with full concentration in the car was just wonderful.


I had a quick listen to his other album and it was quite similar except purely instrumental, so was a bit more helpful for work.


Properly fallen for Devastations and actually quite enjoy Hung’s vocals on it tbh :man_shrugging:

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Found myself with half an hour free, so had another try and listened to it again without any distractions and… you are so right. It demands attention I think. The backing music is absolutely perfect for what is quite a simple but very well told little snapshot of life.

So thanks for encouraging me to have another try. I’m glad I did.


Brilliant! So glad you had a positive experience with it :smiley:

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Yeah after me saying his vocals were terrible, I’ve gone back to it a few times and am really enjoying it now.