New Releases 18/08/2017

It’s getting pretty busy for releases again.

Just finishing the Everything Everything album which I’ve enjoyed and am about to hit up Grizzly Bear, the singles to which I’ve enjoyed. Both bands are in a slightly odd camp for me, I like them both, but have never really cared, which is odd, as on paper, they’re both right up my alley.

Saving the brand new Brand New album for this evening.

I’m sure there are a few others that I’ve been looking forward to this week too…

What have you got lined up?

Listening to the new King Gizzard now. It’s smooooth. Not entirely sure about it tbh but it’s certainly pleasant.

Had the Cloakroom album out today for a couple of weeks. Bloody love it - perfect massive fuzzy sadsack slowcore loveliness. Like a Low tribute album made up entirely of stoner bands, with all proceeds going to the Hospice for the Terminally Bummed Out.


oooh, Cloakroom, that’s one I’ll give a go next, I think.


Had absolutely no idea about the Brand New album and forgot about King Gizzard…I view both with a mixture of excitement and trepidation.

The new Iron & Wine is really nice…more like Our Endless Numbered Days than his more recent stuff. Whether it matches his earlier high standards isn’t clear yet…but I was getting tired of his more jazzy, surf-rock sound.

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Shall add that Cloakroom one to my list. There’s a new Unkle that I’ll listen to. Also Arrows Of Love and A$AP Twelvyy (although these may have been last week) and Grizzly Bear, obz

Damn, the Iron & Wine one isn’t on Spotify yet. I quite like the singles but I think his stuff is just ‘pleasant enough’ these days. Hope this one grabs me.

Fresh! It’s a whole 20 minutes long and amazing and you should listen to it if you like things like JoFo and Martha and DIY stuff in general I guess

I get what you mean. Although I think you could file all his stuff under “pleasant”, Ghost on Ghost was the very definition of it.

Hugely underrated lyricist though, it’s what I most look out for in his music these days.

hyped for Grizzly Bear. Shields was a big album for me.

Good point - it’s not like his earlier work was abrasive or anything. His full band stuff is a bit too AM radio for me, just breezes by without leaving an impression. Fully agree that he’s a great lyricist but he seemed to be on autopilot lyrically on Ghost on Ghost - there were only a couple of songs that grabbed me and in even his lesser songs previously there’s been a couplet or a turn of phrase that pulled me in.

Enjoyed the new grizzly bear on first listen and away to delve back in. Adding cloakroom and iron and wine to the list too cheers for the heads up

Everything Everything, natch. Feels lile an AOTY contender based on the singles.
Then Grizzly Bear. On holiday with my in-laws so listening time will be limited :confused: Can someone else look at everything new on Bleep for me?

dude, there’s only about 43 releases, surely you’ve got time to run through them for us?

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Alright, cancelling our excursion. Family are looking disappointed but I think deep down they understand.


it’s definitely the best all round solution and hopefully in the long run, they too will come to understand the intricacies of techno subgenres.

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Besides UNKLE (see separate thread), I’ve really been enjoying Ghostpoet’s new album release today.

I think Iron & Wine’s release date is next week, so (@ colossalhorse) it’ll be up on Spotify next Friday I suppose. Interested to know where it is streaming though wonton, so please do tell …

Agree with all of this…except, despite my criticism, I still quite like Ghost on Ghost. The last 3 songs are particularly strong.

So… Our Endless Numbered Days > The Shepherd’s Dog > The Creek Drank the Cradle > Kiss Each Other Clean = Ghost on Ghost

Not sure where Beast Epic fits yet…hoping either side of “Creek”

Switched off at “I’ll fuckin’ listen to MCR”

Dreadful. (sorry)

I&W next week you say? Sorry guys for derailing the thread with Sam Beam chat!

King Gizzard was good. Totally different in a good way. I don’t enjoy it as much as their heavier stuff, and if they only released an album every 4 years I’d probably be disappointed. But given it’s their third of the year I’m absolutely fine with the sound departure.

Grizzly bear is a bit great isn’t it?

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