New Releases 18/09/20

Morning all!

Just found the new Sault album in my Spotify Release Radar and I am really excited! The album earlier this year was amazing and only just this week (with no idea of a new album coming) I went back and listened to the first of their two albums from last year which was also excellent.

Nearly as exciting is Ammar 808, a coming together of North African and Indian music over some massive digital beats.

Next up is the Norwegian cosmic jazz odyssey of Rymden:

A.G. Cook returns with an album of far more digestible size than last month:

Sarah Davachi with some woozy, meditative organ music:

Fenne Lily, it has happened to me, right in front of my face…

Avalon Emerson’s DJ Kicks contribution

Nice bit of solo jazz piano from Poland:

Another jazz release from the dependable ECM label, everyone’s favourite combo of bass, Fender Rhodes electric piano, drums and flugelhorn:

What’s everyone else getting stuck into?


Oh Sees (Osees?) innit.


New Sault is a nice surprise

Don’t want to ever see that A G Cook artwork again.

New Young Knives, yay

I’ll check out Fenne Lily. Liked her debut and her gig at The Lexington in January.

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Might I recommend to you A Swayze & the Ghosts debut - great punk rawk garage type stuff from Tasmania



Into It. Over It. - Folky emo/indie rock


Sumac - Experimental sludge metal

*full album not up on streaming sites yet


Deradoorian (ex-Dirty Projectors) for me today. Find the Sun:

Art pop/indie pop/indie rock (sorry, I am bad at this).

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Another Sault album! Great stuff!

Also got HAAI’s new EP lined up (bit of thumping techno for a Friday).

New MJ Guider! Hopefully more hazey Grouper-esque droney loveliness/eerieness from Kranky.

And SUUNS have a new single out! EP out end of next month! Just the kind of good news I need. This one sounds the usually sufficiently off-kilter rock/electronic throb.

So much new music today! Will be ljsteni G to new SAULT and A. G. Cook.

New Sufjan, OF COURSE:

Rich Aucoin, FFO Dan Deacon (they even have a similar life affirming great party live show atmosphere)

Manu Delhi live album. Amazing sumptuous instrumental sounds:

Serph, glitchy Japanese electro poppy instrumentals:

Such Small Hands, dreamy sort of sounds

Acid Pauli, more electro instrumentals I think. He is the ex-Notwist member who used to play music with two Wii remotes:

I was also really hoping for an album by Noiserv, but maybe that will be later or another day

I’ll be starting with Automatic from Mildlife

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Oh wait, is Sufjan not out today after all? Or just not yet? I’ve just realised I’m listening to the same threw songs I’ve already listened to! :grinning:

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Says it on your link

Album available September 25, 2020. Playlist features singles from the album and B-sides.

Aha, thanks! (As if I ever read anything I post!:smiley: )

I think I somehow assumed this was the end of the month already. Ok, next week will be Sufjan, Noiserv, and Sylvan Esso for me in that case!

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It’s this for me today

Really amazing adventure in sound so far

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2020 needed a new young knives album, they’ve gone very weird


The debut from Emma Kupa is out today, been looking forward to this one. Singer songwriter. Sounding very good.


Wow, busy day.

Guy Andrews. Somewhere between chilled and noisy electronica, kind of Disintegration State-esque

Naplam Death
The first ND album I’ve been excited for since '92. There’s not as much Post Punk in here as I was hoping for but it’s amazing for a band going as long to make an album this fresh sounding. If you like heavy music you should check it out.

New Mothers
Blackened post metal. Pretty amazing first ep

The White Swan

Melodic sludge from Kittie’s drummer!


New Raven Throne is out and it’s ace. Atmo black with industrial touches, I’ve been listening to the youtube stream all week and it’s another album that’s knocking on the door of my end of year list!