🐧 🆕 New Releases 18 Aug 23 🆕 🦞

What have we got today?

Sonic Youth - Live in Brooklyn, NY

Final US concert from Sonic Youth, with a set list spanning their whole career.

Genesis Owusu - STRUGGLER

Really enjoyed his first album - laid-back funk, rap, and alternative rock from Australian artist.

Various Artists - Gespensterland

This is great - compilation of modern-day lo-fi bands from Germany. Keeping the original krautrock and kosmiche dream alive.

Panda Bear, Sonic Boom, Adrian Sherwood - Reset in Dub

Dub version of last year’s Panda Bear album.


Have to mention the band i’m in. Our new album " Drinking Tea & Watching Cricket" is out today. KEXP described us as a “hidden gem” and must admit we are very hidden, so that part is accurate.

FFO: Christian Fitness , HMHB , other DISers , Mrs Doubtfire and songs about when a Stepladder in Milton Keynes was mistaken for a new McDonald’s.


No links available here yet but:

Caroline Cotter- Gently As I Go (Indie folk)
Tusmorke- Hestehoven (Psychedelic folk)
Rhiannon Giddens- You’re the One (folk/americana)
Mick Jenkins- The Patience (Hip Hop)
May even give the new Atreyu a go

I’m sure I’ll have some old compilations and some ambient music for you when the spotify release radar hits as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Think Justin Vernon’s first project DeYarmond Edison have a new box set out tomorrow as well.

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Osees - Intercepted Message

A mixture of the usual garage / psych with a bit of a synth pop injected in this time, I’m told.


DEAD FUCKING LAST (members of the Beastie Boys) have re-issued this classic album on vinyl which is out today apparently


Arnold Dreyblatt - Resolve

A hypnotic set of minimalist, microtonal guitar music, according to Pitchfork. Features Orem Ambarchi.


New wave & synth punk, but no synthpop.

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INTSEC - Electronic death music

Filthy industrial techno


@NeilYoung Mick Jenkins link now live…

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Dookie 30th anniversary demos


More lovely Americana

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Really looking forward to listening to the new Genesis Owusu album, Smilling With No Teeth was my personal AOTY in 2021


Margaret Glaspy - Echo The Diamond
American singer songwriter indie rock.

Erregung Offentlicher Erregung - Speisekammer des Weltendes
Found these folk from someone on DiS Music League a while back. German indie new wavey

Shamir - Homo Anxietatem

Vilde - Hope
Low key earnest indie pop from Australia.

Minor Conflict - Bright Lights Dead City
Wanted to see these guys at Great Escape earlier this year, but unfortunately didn’t due to clashes.
“Emerging Bristol band MINOR CONFLICT create a unique combination of post-punk and post-folk using harp, bass, drums, trumpet, and synthesiser, underneath vocal lines that flit between the monotonous and the ethereal.”

Anna Tivel - Outsiders (Live In A Living Room)
acoustic album version of last year’s release.


Forest Swords - Butterfly Effect (Remixes) - v good new single with Neneh Cherry reworked in four ways.

“From joyful two step to skunk smoked trip hop, smeared ambient to future club shuffles” with all profits going to a contemporary dance charity for people in recovery.


Bat Sabbath - Masters Of Duality
EP of Black Sabbath covers by Cancer Bats.

Spirit Adrift - Ghost At The Gallows
Riffy, doomy, stoner rock in the same vein as the Sword / Pallbearer etc


Fran Lobo - Burning It Feels Like

Experimental pop from the London singer-songwriter on her debut album. Can hear some Kate Bush influences here.

Lovely Little Girls - Effusive Supreme

Chicago theatrical art-rock ensemble.

ONESIE - Liminal Hiss

Brooklyn power pop.

Les Rallizes Dénudés - CITTA’ '93

Cult Japanese noise-psych band’s archive releases continue apace with this live performance from 1993 due to be released today.


Lovely new ep from Victoria canal

Here’s a beautiful live performance. Nice to see someone with a disability being represented x

Hot Chip x Hey Duggee


One for the parents of DiS, ronseal

Except theres something charming about simplified folk songs about getting existential at the zoo, or singing laments about Harvey Milk. Reminds me of anti folk more than anything.

“Things that go in the recycling bin” is an undeniable banger.