New releases 18th may

Am I breaking protocol in kicking this off tonight? Sorry but it’s payday tomorrow.

Looking forward to Courtney Barnett, parquet courts and Stephen malkmus’…

Buuuut these are all artists I already like and they’re not really the stuff I’ve been rinsing lately like giraffes? Giraffes! And Jon Hopkins and so on. Anything a bit more thrilling and/or leftfield due out tomorrow?

You beat me to it Haha, was just reading through tomorrow’s releases and thinking should I start the thread…so for me it’s going to be new Ryley Walker (super chilled indie americana, strong retro feel…based on his debut , haven’t heard any of the new one) . There’s also an album our from wintersleeps frontman which could be interesting

New GAS tomorrow



Like war on drugs or Kurt vile or something like that? I quite like war on drugs but they sometimes remind me of dire straits which puts me off.

Gonna have

tt (Theresa Wayman from Warpaint)
Courtney Barnett
Ryley Walker
Parquet Courts
Stephen Malkmus

All lined up, plus bits and bobs this throws up

He’s more rambling than war on drugs. Sounds more unsure of himself. In a good way though

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Yeah Kurt vile and maybe Kevin morby would be good reference points, maybe with a bit of Neil young thrown in. He’s also a great guitar player too if that floats your boat. This is off his debut Ryley Walker - The Roundabout (Official Video) - YouTube . Also should have said wintersleep guys new project is called postdata

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New C Barns is nice! Some real good tunes there

Parquet and Malky queued up next

There’s a Wussy album to have a go at too!


Courteney Barnett
Big Ups
Riley Walker
John Maus

Looking like a very good release week


I always get a Neil Young vibe from Ryley Walker too…

For my money, he’s got a really interesting sound and bags of potential…but he’s yet to release a knockout album. Primrose Green is probably closest.

Used to see him and Kevin Morby as highly comparable…but the latter is now on another level, both on record and live

it’s only 17th may but i don’t care

it’s 18th may somewhere

Just realised I’ve been referring to 'Golden sings that have been sung ’ as his debut which clearly it isn’t. Was just the one that got me into him and probably remains my favourite. I’d say I’m a bigger fan of morby too, and tend to go back to his records more often

Shit, hadn’t spotted this was coming out! Songs For Alpha is easily one of my favourites of the year so far, so definitely looking forward to more…

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now, now (pop rock/straight up pop with plenty of contenders for the “2018 bangers” thread)

remember sports (hugely enjoyable scrappy, indie/pop-punk)

mary lattimore (lovely harp compositions)

Stephen Malkmus and Ryley Walker for me tomorrow.

Wax Idols if you like gothy/post punk things. Has been on bandcamp a couple of days but I think it’s officially out tomorrow Happy Ending | Wax Idols

The new Skee Mask album appeared on ilian tape this week if you want more techno to listen to. Part way through my first listen and loving it so far.

Parquet Courts is the big one for me. Based on the description and positive things I’m hearing, I’m thinking / hoping it’ll break into my top three for the year.

Also looking forward to Wussy. I discovered them a couple years ago through their most recent album but have forgotten to go back through their back catalog. I accidentally heard the end of the new single on KEXP awhile back and remember really liking what I heard, so hopefully this will be a good one.

I haven’t heard anything off of the Courtney Barnett one yet but I liked her previous album, especially the main single and the two long songs. I’m hoping she moves more in that direction.

I figure I’ll give the Stephen Malkmus one a shot in order to determine precisely the factor by which Ogilala is superior.

It’s quarter past 12, Parquet Courts is up on Deezer… if the first track is anything to go by this is going to be awesome!

what a release day! Barnett, Malkmus and Walker are on the list, but also wanna check out:

Mary Lattimore Hundreds of Days - she’s a lady with a harp
Jennifer Castle Angels of Death - some sort of hazy americana released by Paradise of Bachelors
Bombino Deran - afro guitar perfect for the sunshine
Elza Soares Deus E Mulher - samba bangers from an 80-year-old Brazilian - thanks to @shrewbie for turning me on to this in another thread