New Releases 18th November 2022

My favourite band of all time…but it’s the worst thing they’ve ever released, and as a fan I’m offended that BC has been touting this shit as a sequel to Mellon Collie and Machina.

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Hedvig Mollestad & Trondheim - Jazz Orchestra - Maternity Beat

This is free jazz, kraut… a lot! Fave so far: Donna Ovis Peppa (pig?). Smells Motorpsycho, Jaga Jazzist, Soft Machine.


Velveteen - Empty Crush

Debut album from shoegazers who might just have heard an MBV record of two in their time


DIIV - Live at Murmrr Theatre

I’m guessing this is probably a live album from the shoegaze band DIIV.

Sensational first 30 seconds. I’d say they like their Medicine records even more than Loveless

Tbh, I was going by what their earlier EP sounds like, I only just noticed they’d released this just now. But yeah, I see what you mean.

Soft Blue Shimmer - Love Loves In The Body

You’ll never guess what genre this is… It autoplayed after I listened to Velveteen. It’s a bit more dreamy. Really liking it on first listen.

Various Artists - fabric presents Nicola Cruz

Techno/breakbeat French/Ecuadorean producer with this mix focusing on South American electronic artists.

Various Artists - no pare, sigue sigue

Nicola Cruz also features on this Colombian-produced compilation of “Cumbia, Industrial Dembow, Tribal Techno, Raptor House, Breaks, Funk Mandelão, and Weightless Hardgrooves”.


These dudes must really like Brand New and Glassjaw… and I am here for it

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I have the day off work today, and woke up very sleepily and checked Spotify, thinking it was new music Friday, and then getting utterly deflated when I only found one album and a couple of EPs. It was horrifying.

Anyway, it meant that I’ve gone back through this thread for another scan and I’m listening to this lovely album for the first time, thanks @dantrobus !

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You’re very welcome! I didn’t have time to listen to a lot of stuff this week but glad I happened across that one.

Drowse was the favourite last week, with Gold Panda second and Plaid third.

What did you think was good this week?

  • 16 - Into Dust
  • 38 Spesh & Harry Fraud - Beyond Belief
  • Adrian Quesada - Jaguar Sound
  • Animal Collective - The Inspection (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  • Anna Mieke - Theatre
  • Arovane & Taylor Deupree - Skal_Ghost
  • Baddiel, Skinner & Lightning Seeds - Three Lions (It’s Coming Home for Christmas)
  • Badge Époque Ensemble - Clouds of Joy: Chance of Reign
  • bis - Systems Music for Self Defence
  • Blew the Veils - Lampwork
  • Blue Lab Beats - Jazztronica - Live at Late Night Jazz Royal Albert Hall
  • Blumi - There Is No End In Me EP
  • Boyhood - My Dread
  • Brockhampton - The Family & TM
  • Caitlin Rose - CAZIMI
  • Cautious Clay - Thin Ice on the Cake EP
  • Charles Lloyd - Trios: Sacred Thread
  • Chat Pile - Tenkiller Motion Picture Soundtrack
  • Cheick Tidiane Seck - Kelena Fôly
  • Clbrks & YUNGMORPHEUS - A Place I Get Lost In
  • Dezron Douglas - ATALAYA
  • DIIV - Live at Murmrr Theatre
  • EF - We salute you, you and you!
  • Garrett Saracho, Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Mohammed - Jazz Is Dead 15
  • Gatherers - " ( mutilator. ) "
  • Gladie - Don’t Know What You’re In Until You’re Out
  • Halo Maud - Pesnopoïka
  • Hedvig Mollestad & Trondheim - Jazz Orchestra - Maternity Beat
  • Hermon Mehari - Asmara
  • Honey Dijon - Black Girl Magic
  • HUNNY - Homesick
  • J Rocc - Beatitudes
  • Juga-Naut - Time & Place
  • Kaada - And If In A Thousand Years
  • Karen Cecilie Caesar - Low Season
  • La Bien Querida - Paprika
  • Los Bitchos - Los Christmos EP
  • Malibu - Palaces of Pity
  • maria bc - Hyaline Remixes
  • Maxewell Farrington - Yuletide And I’ll Tide With Yann
  • Micah Frank and Chet Doxas (and Hildegard von Bingen I guess) - The Music Of Hildegard von Bingen Part One
  • Mr Ben & The Bens - Good Day For Drying
  • Nadine Khouri - Another Life
  • Neil Young one
  • Nickelback - Get Rollin’
  • Orions Belte - Chris Holm, Oyvind Blomstrom, Kim Age Furuhaug Solo Albums
  • Pássaro - Antes de Existir o Mundo
  • Patricia Brennan - More Touch
  • Phoebe Bridgers - So Much Wine
  • Pole - Tempus
  • Pretty Happy - Echo Boy EP
  • Pulse Emitter - Dusk
  • Richard Dawson - The Ruby Cord
  • Röyksopp - Profound Mysteries III
  • Ruby Haunt - Cures For Opposites
  • Saint Jude - Signal
  • Sarah Davachi - In Concert & In Residence
  • Satl - Gloom
  • Smashing Pumpkins one
  • Snake Chain - Snake Chain
  • Soft Blue Shimmer - Love Loves In The Body
  • Soulside - A Brief Moment in the Sun
  • Sunda Arc - Night Lands
  • sunking - SMUG
  • The Banger Factory - Warriors
  • The Surfrajettes - Marshmallow March / All I Want For Christmas Is You
  • Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - Bones & All
  • Two Shell - Dinky Pearl
  • Various Artists - fabric presents Nicola Cruz
  • Various Artists - no pare, sigue sigue
  • Velveteen - Empty Crush
  • Veps - Oslo Park
  • Vessel - Nuets Topografi
  • Weval - Forever
  • Weyes Blood - And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow
  • YUNGMORPHEUS - Burnished Sums
  • Zola Jesus - Alive In Cappadocia

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And my super late suggestions are…

Smirk - Material - LP - Punk
Short catchy punk tracks with moments of complete lunacy, loved it all.

jiony - Óleo Sobre Tela - LP - Hip Hop
Downtempo hip hop from Mexico, its beautiful throughout. Melancholy but with a positive escape.

isomonstrosity & International Contermporary Ensemble - isomonstrosity - LP - Classical Hip Hop
Stunning composition that works wonderfully with each guest act. Only issue is its over so quickly.

d’Voxx - 1984 - LP - Electro
Wrapped in 80s futurism idealism but with hints of despair. It may have helped that my bass speaker was turned way up all week by accident, in any case I still want to visit the Ministry of Love!

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Just listened to the Run Logan Run album and it’s not bad. Not sure it’s something i’d revisit too often though. The Waajeed album though is really fucking good. Excellent jazzy house, can see this getting a fair few spins in the coming weeks. May even sneak into my AOTY list.


Did you mean to post this in this week’s thread?

Yes. Yes I did… :upside_down_face:

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Just saw this cos I was posting the song on that one song a day thread, but have you seen this? Not even pretending really

(Enjoying the album, thanks for posting)

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Yeah, they’ve certainly nailed the chord changes and reverb settings. Fair play I guess; I’ve been enjoying the album. There are moments of other bands in there too, like Just Like Autumn gets very early Pumpkins, which is pleasing.

But yeah, the artwork form their EP form a couple of years ago was a bit of a giveaway too!

edit: No I hadn’t seen that yet; so blatent.

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Lord of The Isles - Night of The Endless Beyond

Ambient electronica. Missed this at the time. Enjoying it this morning.

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And the beat goes on…

Karu - An Imaginary Journey - LP - World Jazz
Insanity but saved by a fusion of world music. I loved it all, felt like it was something I wasn’t meant to listen to and thus couldn’t take myself away from it.

Toto Nava - Noche Suspensa - LP - Jazz Fusion
I liked his hat, but also his music which takes inspiration from “Massive Attack, U.N.K.L.E, Wayne Shorter, Azimuth, and Kurt Rosenwinkle”… he doesn’t say where he got the idea for the hat though.

SHIRT - I Turned Myself Into Myself - LP - Hip Hop
Another one from Mello who are on an incredible role of great albums. Bandcamp album of the day and touted everywhere, I’m sure you’ve all heard it just thought its worth adding