New Releases 18th November 2022

Pretty Happy - Echo Boy EP

This came out earlier in the week. Noisy art-punk band from Cork who’ve toured with Kim Gordon. Lyrics about Beamish etc.


this lad is easily one of the best youtubers

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So this Richard Dawson guy is pretty damn good then eh?

I didn’t know what I wanted to listen to today (tons going on in my head at the min), but this is somehow exactly it.


Folkyish atmospheric singer songwriter stuff from Ireland:

Low key autumnal/wintery stuff. Some field recordings, some strings, etc. If anyone remembers Benni Hemm Hemm, he’s involved:


Phoebe EP


Great album cover though

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The usual glut of Hip-Hop/Rap releases…

Brockhampton - The Family & TM

Family was supposed to be the last Brockhampton album, but they just dropped TM as a surprise so who knows.

J Rocc - Beatitudes

Second project of the year, a beat tape using Gospel samples.

YUNGMORPHEUS - Burnished Sums

An EP on Lex Records features his recent collaboration with Joe Armon-Jones. YUNGMORPHEUS has been busy in 2022…

Clbrks & YUNGMORPHEUS - A Place I Get Lost In

… he’s on production duties and some vocals for this album by UK rapper Clbrks.

Juga-Naut - Time & Place

Latest from one of my faves, looking forward to this. UK rapper & producer expect beats laced with groove & soul samples & a smooth flow.

38 Spesh & Harry Fraud - Beyond Belief

Not really listened to 38 Spesh before but I’m a fan of Harry Frauds production so I’ll give this a go. Features include Conway, Benny The Butcher, Jim Jones, Curren$y.


will definitely get Weyes Blood and Phoebe Bridgers on later. Just got Neil Young’s new one on. Ok I guess, but they seem to have retired the big Crazy Horse 20 minute epic, all short tunes recently,

Woah, hold up, ‘Chevrolet’ is 14 mins long.

The two singles off it are possibly the best thing they’ve ever done.

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New Gatherers (FFO - Pianos Become The Teeth, Touche Amore, Defeater)



Honey Dijon - Black Girl Magic

Dance/disco/house/techno who cares just get stuck iN!!!


Cheick Tidiane Seck - Kelena Fôly

This is beautiful.

Hermon Mehari - Asmara

Eritrean-American trumpeter with an album of Eritrean folk influenced jazz. Also sounds lovely.

Adrian Quesada - Jaguar Sound

Second album of the year from the Black Pumas founder, this one “head-nodding, cinematic instrumentals landing somewhere between Khruangbin, Lee Hazlewood and The Alchemist”.


Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - Bones & All

Nine Inch Nails fellas score a film where Timothee Chalamet’s a cannibal.

Pulse Emitter - Dusk

Modular synth for fans of M Geddes Gengras, Fennesz, etc. Really enjoyed their last album Swirlings from 2020.

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Really enjoying it. It’s a bit like eating an entire bag of Tangfastics in one go though. Obviously you’re not going to have it for every meal but as a treat it’s a nice fizzy, giddy buzz.

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This and Calexico’s “Seasonal Shift” album from a couple of years ago will make a great tequila christmas double header.


Would love them to do a full album of Christmas tunes.

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New one from Soulside

Ffo: Fugazi, GVSB

(16) latest from sludgey metallic hardcore vets

Ffo: Melvins, Helmet


Not sure this one needs a description…

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Second EP from Malibu, follow up to 2019’s ambient masterpiece One Life