New Releases 19/06/2020

What’s on everyone’s radar today?

Phoebe Bridgers
Neil Young
Bob Dylan
Max Gowan (dreamy indie pop)

Are what I’ll be listening to this week. These threads throw up some gems, so I’ll be watching out for some of those recommendations


Braids for me too.

Also Darkstar (HEAVY bass) and a new Jockstrap EP.

Just been listening to the new Owen album. It was lovely but kind of washed over me a bit at first, but Mike Kinsella stuff tends to take a few listens with me.


Bridgers, Dylan, Young …and then for a change of pace Teyana Taylor

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Listened to Phoebe Bridgers yesterday and loved it (that final track!) so will listen to that more today.

Braids is finally out, Snow Angel is probably my favourite song this year and it has been ages since Deep in the Iris so excited for that.

Will also get to Neil Young and Bob Dylan at some point too :slight_smile:

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Don’t think there are any albums for me today but really enjoying new singles from Ezra Collective and Jim Bob.

Bob Dylan
Kid Machine

All fucking excellent.

Lamb of God have a new album, not sure I care.

New music has really dried up for me. :grimacing::slightly_frowning_face:

The Jockstrap EP that was supposed to be out a fortnight ago and then a week ago might be out today now. I’ll be giving that a listen (if so).


Xerrox vol 4 by Alva Noto is really serene ambient.
Phoebe Bridgers sounding lovely and diving into Braids now.

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DYLAN!!! :grinning::+1:

So excited for Sault. 5 & 7 were lost in last year somewhere but are both excellent.

Just about to press play on new Dylan.

Listened to Pheobe Bridgers last night. Sounded great on 1st listen.

Then will check our Jockstrap as love what I’ve heard.

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Was supposed to review Braids but read it back and it was too negative. Don’t think I really want to contribute to that anymore.
The lyrics to the middle bit of Snow Angel are incredibly grating to the extent it kind of puts a shadow on the album for me considering the context of what happened with the band leading up to the album (even though I absolutely love the ending of that song)

Mainly Vile Creature (‘angry queer doom cult’), Jogging House (lovely warm ambient synths) and Neil Young (Neil Young) for me today. And Alva Noto now I’ve seen @Twinkletoes’ post.

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Phoebe Bridgers is great, as is Neil Young.
Just got Dylan on now, on first listen it’s one of his strongest albums for ages, Key West (Philsopher Pirate) is superb.
Doves new track is pretty decent as well, good to have them back.

been looking forward to this a lot, the first two singles have been great

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Reckon I’ll give Alvo Noto a gogo

Thanks for recommending Alva Noto @Twinkletoes, didn’t realise he was releasing something. Got it on now and it’s got good chill morning vibes.

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HRZL on Soundtracking The Void

On my first listen through now and it’s sounding great. Actress/Kuedo warped-not-quite-ambient electronic vibes.


saving this for later