New Releases 19/10/18

I’m travelling tomorrow so thought I’d kick this off early this week to see if I could get some recommendations to download before I go. Big ones for me tomorrow are Cloud Nothings new one and the debut from Weakened Friends ‘Common Blah’. Weakened Friends are a great grunge trio, ffo early weezer, great grandpa and nirvana to a degree I guess. I also think anyone who liked the Dilly Dally album from last month will enjoy it. Closing track Good Friend is particularly good. J Mascis plays on a track too. Over to you good people…


Empress Of, Cloud Nothings and Papercuts in that order of interest for me…but weighed heavily for Empress Of. The new songs sounded brilliant a few weeks ago at Chat’s Palace.

Liking the sound of Papercuts, adding them to my list cheers

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Holy shit, should the first track on the new Cloud Nothings album have been a single. Bangs.

Buy Weakened Friends. Lovely people. Great music.


Enjoying the new Empress Of album and loved that gig. New one is way less intense than the debut, which still totally floors me every time I hear it.

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I just can’t get with Cloud Nothings - and they should be up my alley!

This week I’m keen on Cave, Body Type and that Will Oldham acoustic reworkings thing

Neneh Cherry, Will Oldham, Amerie and How to Dress Well

Just Neneh Cherry and Farao for me today I think.

Loved Farao’s last one, so hopeful for this one.

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Cloud Nothings and Will Oldham as mentioned above. DUDS also have a new one out but not on Spotify :anguished:

I just can’t believe Soulfly have never had an album called Ritual before today


Their ELEVENTH album…fair play to them

quite. I’ve never been particularly a fan. I bought the first one, but that was it and whenever I’ve seen them live it’s been mostly about the Sepultura tracks. I’ll give this one a go, though. There’ve been a few promising reviews, which is probably the norm even if it’s not any good, but still.

I’m looking forward to checking out Farao’s album also. Will give it a listen tomorrow.

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The aforementioned Cloud Nothings and Will Oldham albums for me. I’ll also be going in on the new MØ one

Open Mike Eagle has a new ep out. My hip-hop knowledge is pretty shallow but he’s the guy who’s work I look forward to the most in rap right now. Also Cloud Nothings, though I can’t remember a single thing about their last record tbh. Hoping for a return to form.

Gonna check out Weakened Friends due to the recommendations above. Cheers guys!

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Cloud Nothings and TVAM for me.

Listening to TVAM at the moment and enjoying a lot. Psychadelic, noisey, electronic stuff. Getting moments of Primary Colours era The Horrors. They’re playing upcoming shows with Beak>, which seems appropriate.


Thanks…no idea Papercuts had an LP out… I used to love them/him…debut album in particular but next couple were good too…