New Releases 19/2/2021

Pretty stacked Friday for me.

Cassandra Jenkins’ An Overview On Phenomenal Nature is out. Hard Drive is one of my songs of the year so far.

Katy Kirby’s Cool Dry Place is another interesting one. Keeled Scales is on roll this year. FFO Big Thief, Hop Along, Lomelda, Hand Habits as per Stereogum.

Looking forward to Wild Pink’s A Billion Little Lights and The Hold Steady’s Open Door Policy as well.


It’s Mogwai, isn’t it.


Apart from the aforementioned Kate Kirby, which should be excellent and Wild Pink, I have the following lined up…

Lael Neale

Resident’s AOTW, out on Sub Pop. FFO Gia Margaret maybe?

Adeline Hotel

Psych folk, almost entirely instrumental.

Valley Maker

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Apart from the aforementioned Mogwai, it’s also new Hold Steady day.

Edit: should have read the OP. It’s too early.

There’s also a new Tindersticks album. Having not enjoyed their last couple I’m not sure that I hold much hope though.

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Will give Tindersticks a go with low expectations. If there’s a song as good as Pinky In The Daylight I’ll be happy.

Can’t be arsed with Mogwai

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Will give Mogwai a go, but in all honesty it’s been quite a while now since I liked a whole album of theirs.

New Giant Swan EP is out today, looking forward to listening to that later. Abrasive techno-ish sort of thing.

And not new out today, but just spotted Daniel Blumberg did a soundtrack recently, so lining that up too.

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Just one new album for me so far this week - some synthy wonky pop from Dean Honer (I Monster, Moonlandingz, etc) and friends.

Another New Thing - XYZZY


Hand habits ep (more of a single?)

Ex:Re (daughter) album with orchestra


This new krautrock album is sounding very good if you like that kind of thing. They supported Michael Rother on tour and performed with him, so some pedigree there


Mogwai and Tindersticks for the morose part of the day.

Psymon Spine later on to get ready for the weekend.

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V excited for Lael Neale, all the singles were excellent. Other than that, this looks fun


New one from @Kallgeese and his pal on Disintegration State. Sprawling improv ranging from middle eastern scales to spaceship bloops and freeform percussion.

Also a cheeky little cassette with some nice packaging via bandcamp.


Cassandra Jenkins is a stunner. Really pretty minimal folk music hitting the spot a treat.

Really liked The Hold Steady as well did a lot more for me than their last couple of records on first listen. Spices is an early fav

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The Cassandra Jenkins LP may be one of the best records I’ve heard this year. So so good. Just ordered it from Resident so looking forward to getting it on vinyl.

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Your Old Droog and Tha God Fahim are back with their second album of the… month. The last one was great so I’ll be giving it a go. Pharoahe Monch features on the single ‘Slam Dunk Contest’.

It’s nice but I’m a little bit dissapointed to be honest. It’s so short and I really hate it when a last song is an instrumental.

didn’t know any of these and enjoying them a LOT!



This is sounding excellent - thanks man!

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Sadly posthumous release from the new age synth composer Pauline Anna Strom, sounds really nice.

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Reckon you’d like a lot of Keeled Scales roster

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