New Releases 2/10/2020

Another week with lots of new releases for me:

Eartheater - Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin
She’s reminding me of someone I can’t quite think of at the moment. Slightly like Joanna Berwick, but more instantly catchy songs. Great voice, electronics and classical string type sounds.

Sean Nicholas Savage - Life Is Crazy. His voice / style is maybe quite marmite and theatrical, but I’ve loved some of his previous albums. This album has strings performed and arranged by Owen Pallett

Spinvis - Dutch chap. I loved a single from his a few weeks ago, so looking forward to listening to this. Melodic indie sort of stuff, with strings. And Ditch singing.

Luke Kuplowsky - Stardust. Nice soft warm voice, and just sounds like nice relaxed music.

Zooni - Familiar Ground EP. Just a four track so, from a Brighton band who I discovered and loved at The Great Escape last year. Looking forward to then releasing an album some day.

Shelf Nunny - Ebb & Flow. Instrumental electro bleeping sounds.

The Nude Party - Midnight Manor. Some kind of American country indie rock sounds.

What else is there for you guys?


Working Men’s Club is out today. Listened to it, it is fine.


Hot Chip celebrate their induction to the HGATR chart with a Late Night Tales mix:

Roisin Murphy - Roisin Machine: lots of hype for this record, electropop/dance bangers from the former Moloko singer.

Joachim Cooder - Over That Road I’m Bound - American country folk music from son of Ry (who features).

I’m pumped for some contented family friendly world folk from Joachim

Big EP day - Kurt Vile, Dirty Projectors and Tom Misch (offcuts from his excellent record with Yussef Dates)

Hot Chip LNT, Roisin Murphy for me

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New Drive-By Truckers

Lyrically I thought the last album - or rather the first album they released this year! - was strong but it lacked energy. We’ll see what this one is like.

And because its ‘Bandcamp Friday’ there is also the 2nd vol. of “Good Music To Avert The Collapse Of American Democracy” arriving.

I thought Matt Berninger was out today, guess its been pushed back??

Some low key, pensive hip-hop from Pan Amsterdam. Think I got recommended him by some connection with Milo/RAP Ferreira, probably appeal to fans of his




Morning chumps - don’t know if these have all been mentioned

North Carolina garage rock

Jangley synth pop

Sigur Ros dude

Lofi indie rock country (worth a listen!)

Female singer songwriter indie stuff

Still trying to work out exactly what this is (anyone??)

This is pretty beautiful, don’t let the cover art put you off, kinda sufjan in parts

indie punk

Straight forward americana stuff (im a big fan but its easy listening)

Alternative hip hop

Norwegion pop - will appeal to the credible pop fans

Groove armada!

Super interesting indie/folk/alternative album

Have fun guys x


Working Men’s Club and Róisín Murphy for me!

This sounds stunning on first listen.


New one on Disintegration State by FLVZ and a crack team of remixers. Goes from dreamy electronica through d&b and elements of gqom in the closer.


Couple of JAGs for you

• a solo EP I’ve just put out. FFO incredibly low stakes electronica, bloops and loops.

• The Band I am in decided when that landfill indie list came out we would each do a cover from it and do PWYW with half of whatever we make going to Girls Rock London. I John Lewised The Cribs it’s very silly


Listened to the new Aliens album this morning but a little underwhelmed unfortunately.

Will give Working Mens Club a whirl now and then it’s on to a long list of new singles that my Spotify Radar has picked up.

Possibly out limited release a few weeks back but Theo Parrish - Wuddaji is finally out on streaming platforms today. Progressive, jazz-flecked house, sounding really good so far.

A couple of interesting EPs out today as well from Surgeon (minimalist techno) and Loraine James (IDM/electronica on Hyperdub).


16th October I think.

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There’s a new Keeley Forsyth single out off a forthcoming EP

Sounds really nice

Spotify seems to say the Hello Forever album came out in February

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