New releases 2/6/17

That time of the week again. Descriptions of music are welcomed and encouraged.

Starting off with Paul Blackford’s Light Years. It’s on the Central Processing Unit label, who are churning out brilliant melodic techno with incredible frequency at the moment. This is acid-tinged and sounds lovely on first listen.

A couple of excellent releases this week - the new Elder record is an absolute stonker if you like stoner/prog rock epics. They’ve turned into an incredible band over the years. And the new Hey Colossus album is really good. Not sure what I’d describe them as these days, they’ve gone more conventional and song based compared to their noisey, messy beginnings but they can still make a racket.

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SikTh and Mutoid Man for me, Clive \m/

Has Omar Souleyman got a new one too?

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Really enjoyed the new Sweet Baboo record this morning.
Amber Arcades one was decent.
Started on DBFC, but it’s a bit samey.

After that:
Ulrika Spacek
Beach Fossils
Saint Etienne
Moon Duo re-issue

and singles from
La Luz

I’ve no idea how I let a new Mutoid Man record slip by me. Gonna get on that imminently.

Ulrika Spacek one is pretty good

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Will be definitely be hitting up Elder, Mutoid Man and '68.
If time permits I’ll try and check out Hey Colossus, Marika Hackman and Ulrika Spacek too

'68 is out today too? Hot damn!

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Looking forward to hearing this one!

Bought two records this morning:
New Alt-J - Relaxer out today. sounds like theyve committed more fully to the ambientish stuff they were leaning towards with the last album, should be interesting
Marika Hackman - I’m Not You’re Man saw most of these songs live and they were all great so looking forward to blasting this all summer

Richard Dawson!

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Wow this thread has come up trumps for me this week. I had no idea '68 or Richard Dawson had new albums coming out. Also interested in Hey Colossus so will check that out.

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Enjoyed my first listen to the Amber Coffman album - final track has the same melody as ‘I See You’ on the Dirty Projectors album :thinking:

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Catch them live if you can! Saw them a couple of weeks back and tracks off the new album sounded HUGE

Anyone else checked out the new Chastity Belt album?

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don’t think they’ve played any Irish shows yet so not seen them. annoyingly when i was in Glasgow last year i noticed they were playing the next night when i’d be away home

Yeah. Like it so far but a little unsure whether I’ll grow to adore it in the same way I do the other two.

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Just bought the '68 and Mutoid Man albums. Going to crack a cold one and rinse them. :metal:

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I think it’s possibly a step up from the first two records. It’s much moodier and lyrically darker with a slightly more polished sound. Do you have any favourite tracks after initial listens?

Most of the dates that are listed on their site are either album launch gigs or festival shows. I imagine they’ll tour this album properly in the autumn so perhaps then come over then?