New Releases 20/04/18

What’s everyone got lined up today? I thought I just had another new (and judging by recent efforts, disappointing) Melvins release but I’ve just seen that Sleep have a new album out that I had absolutely no idea was even on the cards. Of course they’ve released it on 4/20, those crazy potheads!

I will be listening to Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program’s album, Stargate Music, based mainly on their name and this blurb:

“The womb is The Stargate of Humanity” says Ras G, relating to the concept of his latest proper full-length – an astral ode to woman. “Stargate Music is a record that I livicated to the Womb-man…to the Vagina, The Stargate from which beings emanate life on this planet. I gathered these sound pieces and presented it as a reflection of the life cycle of beings on this planet.”


Looks a bit of a fallow week for me, unless I’ve missed something (which is entirely likely).

There’s always this of course:



There is a new Exitmusic album out today. Hurrah.
Here is Resident Records’ list of new releases because I cba to type them all out:

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Apparently a new A Perfect Circle album?

Nominate @ericVI


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Love how the song titles make it sound like they’re up to all sorts of adventures.

Gotta Get My Baby Back (with Shaggy)… makes me think of some sort of Cyrano De Bergerac japes. Sting playing his lute under his beloved’s window while Shaggy feeds him romantic lines


Just listening to the new Sleep album for the first time. It sounds absolutely massive.


Got Alexis Taylor, Melvins, Lord Huron and DRINKS all lined. Alexis Taylor on now, sounding good. A lot more Hot Chip sounding than his previous one.

Please let me know your thoughts on the new A Perfect Circle album

Ignore the parentheses and these are some brilliant song titles.

Don’t make me wait with Shaggy.


Didn’t think there were any full albums of interest today, so thanks for the Alexis Taylor tip.

Lots of good singles and EPs out today though from: Ibibio Sound Machine, Teleman, Soulwax, Sweet Baboo, Django Django, Jean-Michel Blais and others.

I have zero intention of listening to it, so here’s one from my fb feed:

“Eat The Elephant is far too competent to be considered a truly “bad” record. However, it’s all just so boring and unremarkable that it would almost have been more interesting if it were, and the fact that it’s coming from some of alternative music’s most accomplished and intriguing musicians only makes it all the more underwhelming. Had this album come hot on the heels of eMotive it would have been understandable. Yet, to have something so bland and pompous serve as A Perfect Circle’s less-than-triumphant comeback after an effective absence of nearly fourteen years only accentuates its shortcomings while also lessening the impact of its few infrequent successes.”

Read our review of Eat The Elephant, the new album from A Perfect Circle!

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Are Sting and Shaggy fans of our @Bamnan ??


:smiley: oh man


Listening now - think this makes you officially a better songwriter than Sting plus Shaggy combined!

that’s going on my bandcamp page!


Will be picking up the reissue of Belong - October Language (with vinyl bonus tracks from Tour EP) later

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Aye, seems a slower week this week.

Emma Tricca - St Peter (folky stuff, but not listened yet)

And that’s about it.

Got the new album from DRINKS (Cate Le Bon & Tim Presley of White Fence) queued up along with Alexis Taylor’s new-y.