New Releases 20/04/18


Will check out the new Alexis Taylor… Nothing else grabbing me so far.

Gave spins to new Courtney Barnett, Mazzy Star & Fr John Misty singles on my commute. All bode good signs for the albums.


They should have called it ‘Have you ever heard of Sting (and Shaggy)’


Shit week no fans


There’s definitely a linked song suite in there:

-Night Shift with Shaggy
-Waiting For the Break of Day with Shaggy
-Don’t Make Me Wait with Shaggy
-Just One Lifetime with Shaggy
-Morning is Coming with Shaggy

It recounts the tale of a night spent in company of Mr Boombastic, with Sting’s patience rapidly dwindling as the evening wears on (presumably due to Shaggy’s perpetual ‘bom biddley biddley bom’-ing and general hyperactive behaviour).


Night Shift with Shaggy sounds like everyone’s worst nightmare


Bit of a departure for Stacy Solomon there.


Is the deadening pall of the awful RSD the reason no-one wants to put out any new music this week?


Not sure if I like Beautiful Thing as much as Taylor’s Piano record but there’s still some lovely moments overall particularly Oh Baby.


That’s what I was thinking this morning. Just seen on twitter that people have been queuing since 8 this morning outside Piccadilly records in Manchester… JFC!!!


Just one lifetime with Shaggy


DRINKS Hippo Lite is definitely a much more coherent and cohesive statement than Hermits on Holiday was, with far less overtly zany moments (apart from maybe Ducks / Leave The Lights On) but overall this album feels like a truer representation of both artists sounds & styles.

Definitely waiting with bated breath to hear what Cate does with the new Deerhunter record.


I’ve just stuck it on, bored shitless half way through the first song, not a good sign.


I think we’re all overlooking the long-awaited new Jesus Jones album out today…


I have definitely overlooked it.


Got Sleep, Pennywise and Cancer Bats albums lined up for the afternoon.

Touche Amore new single appeared on my release radar - how a horrible feeling it was going to be shit as they’ve been on such a good run. Thankfully it’s not.


Just Sleep for me really this week, Marijuanaut’s Theme is an incredible track title!


Thanks for the reminder re Pennywise, forgot they had a new one coming out, going to wait for the wife and kids to go out later and unleash it!


What about the album?


New Ibibio Sound Machine EP Eyio is fun if you want more of that upbeat party thing they do


The track A Forest is particularly good