New Releases 20/10/2017

Much on the radar today?

I’ve got new Destroyer, Floating Points track and Bully lined up



Reviews of the new Destroyer are actually pretty promising.

I think once you realise he’s not going to top Kaputt, it’s easier to love his stuff.

Margo Price for me, and though cover albums are rarely worth the trouble I might check out the one for The Con by Tegan and Sara

i’ve reviewed this but got a note saying it’s been pushed back by a couple weeks?

It was up on Spotify last night!!

yeah can see it there now, weird. Anyway, it’s good, you won’t be disappointed :slight_smile:

After a couple of barren weeks, I’ve got a feast lined up. New albums from:

Catholic Action
Zombie Zombie
Christian Scott

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Eyre Llew’s debut album is lovely in a Sigur Ros kind of way. (But without the whale song)

I was looking forward to the Odonis Odonis album but on first listen i’m not sure.

Love the Nasty Boy single but the album reminds me of an odd mix between Sheep on Drugs and Fever Ray.

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I think it’s just the CD that got pushed back to 3rd November

New Michael Head out today. Any fans?

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Gonna stick on ASIWYFA, tracks I’ve heard so far sound like a promising return to their earlier sound

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Ah ich seh ich seh :slightly_smiling_face:

Been rinsing the Ratio radio edit the past couple of weeks so delighted (and entirely not surprised) that the full mix is fire/100


Listening to foggy with sleep at 4.15 this morning was lovely.

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Sam’s just an actual bonafide genius isn’t he.

Definitely, can’t believe it’s finally out. I’ve got a mate who’s had it on pre-order for about 18 months

oooh, I’m definitely looking forward to that Eyre Llew album. I messed them at Farm Festival earlier this year as some absolute schedule master decided it would be best to get them out of the way before we could get there.

The new Watter (collab between guys from Slint & Grails) is pretty great - and probably more Grails-y than the last Grails album.

Also looking forward to checking out the new Amenra for a bit of the old post-metals and ASIWYFA to see if they’ve recaptured any of the old magic.


Yeah, he does kind of do things very much in his own time. That reminds me, whatever happened to that album of demos and unreleased stuff from the Strands era?!?

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