New Releases 20/10/2017

New Circuit Des Yeux is out today, either I’m massively out of touch with music journalism these days but it seems to have received relatively little coverage?

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Ooo wasn’t aware of this! Brilliant band. Let us know what you make of it once you’ve given it a spin.

Makthaverskan and Radiator Hospital (the latter is RadHos is lazy mode but still has a few tunes)

This Lindstrom album is fantastic.


ooh, I’d missed this was coming, excellent. Will have a listen later.

I was pretty disappointed with the latest Grails album so will give this Watter a go.

found new makthaverskan kinda dull, they’ve not really moved forward at all

I actually really liked the new Grails stuff but stuff like Shadow Chase from that Watter album made me realise how much I missed the old Grails too. There’s just nothing else quite like it.

I saw him in Manchester around January, and the release of the album was sort of a running joke all night - ‘Oh yeah, out soon folks’ etc.

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He’s been on great form live over the last couple of years. I love the way he seems to have genuinely forgotten about some of the great songs he’s written when requests get shouted out - it’s like ‘oh shit, I wrote that!’

Can’t disagree with you but their formula is so shamelessly catered to my tastes that I still really like it regardless

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fair enough! :wink:

I loved the first Watter album. Did not realise the new one was out today. Thanks for making me aware. Will be checking it out later.


Lucinda Williams’ This Sweet Old World is out today in the UK. A re-recording of her '92 Sweet Old World album, it’s been out for a few weeks in America, has been on Soundcloud, and I think it’s great. Her voice is so, so rich now.

Oh I didn’t realise Bell Witch - Mirror Reaper is out today. One 82 minute long track of abject doom misery. I haven’t made it all the way through yet as I’ll need to be in a very specific mindset to enjoy that but look at this lovely cover:


That cover is awesome! Take that straight to the best artwork thread :+1:


Posted in the rolling dance thread already, the new Lee Gamble is excellent:

Done and done :+1:

Wake up in blue by Cold, cold heart is now available to buy, stream, etc.!

This is dead good, aye. Feel like I’ve slept on Lindstrom over the years

Not really feeling this after a couple of listens :frowning: