New Releases 20/11/2020

It’s NewMusicFriday!

Maybe things are beginning to slow down for Christmas (but put me right folks) as there doesn’t seem as much good new stuff out there as recently.

There is however this, which I have really quite enjoyed this morning, perhaps more than I thought I would after not really getting too into King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard thus far …

And I am kinda enjoying these ladies (with an absolutely terrible name - Babeheaven, really?); not come across them before but they obviously love Massive Attack and Sade, and it is certainly not in any way “challenging”, but it is nicely smooth for a Friday morning. So, not going to break down any major barriers, but nice enough I think when you are in that trip-hop/Sade mood …

The only other things I have lined up for a go, but have not yet listened to are:

Dirty Projectors, with 5 EPs, although arguably not a new release given that it is a collection of the EP series DP has released over the past few months “re-released” as a 20-track compilation (you might recall that each of the four EPs features a different member taking lead vocals).

and the return - after just the 26 year hiatus - of Richard H. Kirk for Cabaret Voltaire’s Shadow of Fear. Let’s see how Richard has held up over those years. Any which ways, should be an interesting listen:

That’s yer lot from Melodious this week. Now hit me with yours …


There’s a new Lindstrom + Prints Thomas album out!


The Sophtware Slump……on a wooden piano


New orchid mantis record out

Weird dream pop


Nick Cave - Idiot Prayer
The live concert from Alexandra Palace

Grandaddy - The Sophtware Slump
… On a Wooden Piano (thanks @markp, just adding Spotify link)

The Bug & Dis Fig - In Blue

A foggy, melancholic meltdown of narco-dancehall, zoned soul and dread drenched, electronic dub.

Badge Époque Ensemble - Self Help
Mystic jazz-funk from Toronto. Meg Remy (U.S. Girls) among the guest vocalists.

Lindstrom & Prins Thomas - 3000
Ethereal, cosmic ambient electronica (thanks @plasticniki)

Matthew Halsall - Salute to the Sun

spiritual jazz grooves inspired by ambient rainforest and jungle field recordings, deeply soulful tunes built around hypnotic harp and kalimba patterns

Ian William Craig & Daniel Lentz - In A Word

Lentz’s elegant piano figures and Craig’s trembling tenor are wilted, warbled, and looped through manipulated tape machines in a real time composition that evokes a strange warmth and layered beauty.

Keeley Forsyth - Photograph EP
Her debut album earlier this year got a lot of love here and elsewhere - keen to see where she’s going to go next


King Hannah’s EP. I loved the two lead tracks from this.

From Resident’s description

astonishing! the liverpool band’s outrageously strong debut is a cinematic world of smoky croons, hazy americana inflected guitars and a floating, noirish post-rock atmosphere to revel in.


As mentioned already, The Bug, Keeley Forsyth and Babeheaven on my list for today.

Adding Lindstrom, King Hannah and Ian William Craig to it now. Thanks folks!

Yep, got me from the first drumbeat. Cheers, @rich-t

New Kali Uchis, all in Spanish. Wasn’t blown away by the single I heard but I loved Isolation so will give this a whirl. Pop/rnb/funk wheelhouse


Megan Thee Stallion - Good News
Debut album proper from the Houston rapper.

Charles Webster - Decision Time
First album in 19 years from the underground UK House stalwart, featuring Burial and Shara Nelson amongst the collaborators

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War On Drugs live record for those who can’t help but chug the beer commercial guitar. Will probably sound great knowing Granduciel

The Cribs


The legend that is Luke Abbot has a new one!


Final one from me I think, some feelgood grooves from Ausecuma Beats, bit jazzy but song based, skittering percussion with a touch of the afrocuban vibe about it, overall likely to infuse you with joy

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Surprised no-one has mentioned this new ep of Phoebe Bridgers remixes

That, the Keeley Forsyth ep and the Nick Cave live album for me this week.


Gonna check out the Orchid Mantis and Lindstrom + Prins Thomas releases from their descriptions, and then there’s a new Bricolage release too from Doxil

“It’s a maelstrom of hyper rhythmic breaks and techno with flashes of IDM and rave. Throw in a slew of smart breakdowns, build ups and freak outs to the mix and the result is an EP with it’s dancing feet planted firmly in the 90’s and it’s eyes on the future.”


Oops double post

Oh! And this from Fragile X on See Blue Audio

Really lovely ambient


For my post-punk fix. Sounds fantastic.


Will definitely be checking out the Grandaddy piano album. Was wondering why it wasn’t appearing in my new releases on Spotify, and then realised I wasn’t following Grandaddy. Rookie error! Likewise with Keeley Forsyth.

There seems to be an abundance of new singles/tracks out this week. As for albums:

Laura Fell had put this lady in their end of year list, and since I was a fan of Delmer Darion in their list I decided to check her out. For fans of Hilary Woods possibly.

Long Tall Jefferson
Sort of slight electro-poppy Americana folk.

Public Memory
Electronic producer chap. Apparently I really liked a track of his with a guest singer a few years ago, but maybe these songs are not quite my style, but will listen to see.

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