New Releases 20/12/19

Probably not much released today, but my favourite band have re-released their 2014 album Drone And Hum on a very snazzy vinyl edition package:

And they’ve reworked and had the album remixed by various people such as Glasbird and Tired Tape Machine:

Sort of instrumental slightly ambient type stuff. Love them.


Excited to attain total inner peace while listening to Circumstance Synthesis, new EP from Julianna Barwick


I’d never heard of these guys until the @GoldFlakePaint ‘Hidden Gems’ list the other day. Really been enjoying what I’ve listened to. Is there a particular album you’d recommend from their back catalogue?


My favourite of theirs is their For A Second EP from 2011. It’s seven songs long, so more of a mini-album really. I’ve played and listened it to death but still not bored of it. Debris and The Burning Dot are really good - the latter album has a song on it called Dunes, which is one of my favourites of theirs (especially in the second half). They all have vocals on those albums, unlike the GFP song.

They’ve released two albums this year. Taiga, an instrumental album, which is where the GFP-chosen song is from, and Constellation which has them singing again.

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Cheers. Will check those out. :+1:

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Dunes and The Burning Dot are my favourite song ‘n’ album too, very special!


thanks for the tip…will check it out…not released this week but only discovered by me last week (thanks to Wyndham Wallace who has v good taste, in an Uncut review) also on an ambient tip is Saariselka - The Ground Our Sky. It features Chuck Johnson whose own work is well worth checking out. The LP should appeal to those, who like me, have Brian Eno’s Deep Blue Day* as a high watermark…they are on the same label as Explosions In the Sky…

*talking of which I was v impressed by the new material on the Apollo Atmospheres re-issue this year…