New releases 20th Aug 21

New Maribou State & Shire T.
I reckon Blue Kiss is one of my favourite tracks of the year, so will give this a listen.


Stayed up to listen to the new Deafheaven and loved it on first listen.

Great to hear a band fully going for it - and from the early reviews it seems like they might pull off the kind of indie breakthrough that I wasn’t sure we’d see again in this era. Worth a listen if the harsh vocals have put you off before, as George is now singing clean.

FFO: Nothing, Slowdive, DIIV.


Thanks- I’ll be checking this out too. Thought the Maribou State ‘fabric presents’ album last year was terrific.

Not heard their Fabric presents, so will dig that out too. Thanks for the tip.

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New Sturgill Simpson is great. Alt country singer who in the past few years has done a great job of delving deep into the weirder tangents of his music.

This one’s a bluegrass concept album - it’s played pretty straight and the storytelling is honestly brilliant.

Ol' Dood (Part I) - YouTube


Some really interesting stuff in this thread already, going to be a busy day!

Okonkolo - Oru Cantando

Yoruban Santeria music like you have never heard before. Okonkolo transports listeners to another realm; a spiritual dance with gods beyond our grasp, held together by rhythm, passion, and musical virtuosity.

Li Yilei - 之 / OF

Composed using analogue synthesisers, vocal samples, field recordings and string instruments such as the violin and guqin, Li indulges in moments of grief, panic, healing, cessation, melancholy, vastness, hope, joy and emptiness as they explore the acoustic relations between humans and the many forces of nature.

Kam-Bu - Black On Black

On first impression I think this might be the most exciting British rappers in a long time.


Downloading this! Thanks.

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Just looked on their socials and can’t see any ref to this they seem to just say its a new album

sounding nice anyway

EDIT: you are quite correct!

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Maarja Nuut is ace :+1:


Other than Deafheaven, Tropical Fuck Storm and Villagers I’m going to check out the new Pile album. Since getting into them they’ve improved in some way with every release. This one sounds interesting, almost a solo album but not… idk

Might give Vistas one a listen since I like the artwork

Also, might give Damian Lillard’s (Dame D.O.L.L.A.) new one a go out of pure curiosity


Can’t remember what thread I read it in but agreed that this sounds like utter shit. The drums especially. Weird.

This Bill Ryder-Jones reworking of a Michael Price song is incredible

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Martha Wainwright – Love Will Be Reborn
“Wainwright’s fifth studio album follows recent years of loneliness and clarity in search of optimism and joy.”

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Yeah, I’m heartily recommending this! Will be diving back in once I’ve had a skim through the other very interesting releases demanding attention today.

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No argument here!

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Lots of releases for me this week for once. Villagers and Maarja are already on my list, and it looks like a few other albums for me to investigate already.

Andrew Wasylyk - Balgay Hill: Morning In Magnolia
He was apparently shortlisted for the Scottish Album Of The Year Award in 2019, and it sounds really quite lovely from the first few tracks. Some words from bandcamp: trumpet, flugelhorn, warped tape loops, field-recordings, daydream rubric through solitude.
Anything with a flugelhorn must be good, surely.

Nathan Salsburg - Psalms
From Kentucky, USA, I’ve liked a couple of his previous instrumental EPs, and he released an EP with Bonnie “Prince” Billy earlier this year.
This album is a collection of Hebrew psalms which he has created melodies and music for. Very relaxing and beautiful.

Jakob Lindhagen and Dag Rosenqvist
A collaboration between two Swedish composers, which “intertwines layers of organic and electronic sounds, with minimal piano melodies meeting vintage synthesizers, found sounds, harmonium, banjo, kantele, Fender Rhodes and saxophone, as well as cello.”
There’s also a very lovely looking deluxe handmade edition of 50 vinyl records of it, yours for a nice payment of $90 plus p&p.

Gudrun Gut and Mabe Fratti - Let’s Talk About The Weather
This popped up because of Mabe Fratti, who released another album earlier this month. and Gudrun seems she was very briefly part of Einsturzende Neubauten many years ago.
It sounds a bit experimental and strange.

Arthur Moon - Back To The Future EP
Nice intriguing electro pop.

Quickly, Quickly - The Long And The Short Of It
A mix of “jazz, hip hop, R&B, and psych-pop” apparently. I’m not entirely sure if it’s my thing on a listen of the first couple of tracks, but apparently I liked something of his previously!

Angel Olsen - Aisles EP
And a new EP from Angel Olsen


In terms of big atmospheric black metal releases, as well as WITTR (which I’m listening to now) there is the new one from Woman Is The Earth which is next to listen to.

Deafheaven taking priority for me. Will dip into Tropical Fuck Storm later too.


It’s Dame time

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:watch: :point_left:

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