New releases 21/04/17

Just given the new Gas a spin - sounding really really good on first listen. Essential for anyone with a passing interest in ambient/techno.
Next up is Second Woman’s sophomore effort. Their debut of glitchy Raster-Noton-style techno was in my top 5 for last year so I have high hopes for this.

So hyped for the new Omar Rodriguez-Lopez!


With all due respect (not a lot, in honesty), I struggle to imagine you being ‘so hyped’. I do hope the record lives up to your expectations though.

New Woods album is a belter, just going in on the Joe Goddard one now. But yeah, slim pickings this week.

Woods - lo-fi, folky Americana
Joe Goddard - one part of Hot Chip, do I really have to provide a rough genre here?

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Nope, that’s enough for me to know to avoid it :wink:

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Charly Bliss

hadnt seen much this week I was going to check out but will give Woods a spin, sounds like itll be my sorta thing and Spotify Radar didn’t tell me the Woods album was out. Will go try that as I love the two singles from it so far.

Although I like ‘Home’ by Joe Goddard, the first two tracks on the album were way too poppy, so canned him this morning.

The Vacant Lots LP is worth a spin if you like psychedelic stuff.

Will also go try out Gas and Second Woman.

But, yes, not much this week is there?

The Barnum Meserve - When All is Lost


This is a total jag, but if you like post-punk / rock give it a go.

Post War Glamour Girls - Swan Songs

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Posted about it in the dedicated thread but yer man from Kayo Dot’s solo album is out today

Mercury Fountain by The Physics House Band and Bronze Mystic by Gallops are both amazing and both out today. Gonna be alternating between the two for a while yet!

Just seen that Shout Out Louds came back with new music on Friday, hope this means UK dates