New Releases 21/06/19

Didn’t see it started yet so thought I would get the ball rolling!

I have An Obelisk by Titus Andronicus (like the singles so looking forward to the album) and Schlagenheim by black midi (interested to hear this one, liked all the singles).

What have you all got to listen to today?

Mannequin Pussy
State Faults
New Shirokuma came out this week


Currently have Hot Chip playing. Very fun.

Afterwards will have a crack on…

Black Midi (not heard anything, so hope it’s worthy of the hype)
Jane Weaver product not found! - resident
Hatchie (indie pop)

And this which I’m very intrigued about


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Aside from Black Midi and Hot Chip, I’ll also be listening to Bedouine’s new album and the new Prince compilation ‘Originals’.

Bedouine’s new one out today after a few weeks delay. Elegant 60s folk sort of stuff, probably suit fans of Weyes Blood.

Looks like Virginia Wing have an EP of extrapolations from their last record, will check that out as well.

Had Titus Andronicus on sounds ok, maybe a lack of variety but will go back to it, certainly an improvement to their last one

Gonna go for hot chip now

Rafael Anton Irisarri! Rafael Anton Irisarri! Rafael Anton Irisarri! Rafael Anton Irisarri! Rafael Anton Irisarri! Rafael Anton Irisarri! Rafael Anton Irisarri! Rafael Anton Irisarri! Rafael Anton Irisarri! Rafael Anton Irisarri!

I might listen to the Rafael Anton Irisarri.



Only Black Midi right now.

Didn’t realise Hatchie’s album was today. Her EPs were great.

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Meursault - Crow Hill

His last two albums have been one of my favourites of their respective years, so I’m looking forward to this.


The St. Pierre Snake Invasion


Ah, didn’t realise this was out today. Added to the ever growing list!

Might give this a try…

Got the Mannequin Pussy (used to be punky, now they seem to have slowed down and added some reverb) and The St Pierre Snake Invasion (south west UK punk) albums offlined. Will definitely give Black Midi’s (mathy post punk) album a go at some

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Listening be to Loom Dream by Leif at the minute. It got best new music on Pitchfork but don’t let that put you off. Dreamy, ambient lushness.

21 minute progtronica opus out from yer man Lowering @McGarnagle on Disintegration State. It’s good and fun.



I heard a sneak peak from this a while ago and I can’t wait to hear the whole thing. Recommended for fans of krautrock and psych rock as well as the usual Disintegration State miscellaneous electronica lot.


It’s got electronica, kraut-rock, psych, post-rock and ambient bits in. And can be bought from here for just £1.50.

That’s approximately 7p per minute of banging tune.