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Somehow passed me by completely!

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This is seriously fucking good. Liked but didn’t love the EP, but this album is something else.


Not mentioned in that poster but they are also playing King Tuts in Glasgow on the 22nd Nov.

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Album is good

Disintegration — In Your Diary EP

First EP last year was great. Post-punk synth-wave, gradually moving from coldwave to borderline new romantic pop. Haven’t listened to all of this yet, but the title track leans more toward the new romantic pop, but still with good post-punk synth-wave energy.

slightly late entry

Dactyl Terra - Fee Fi Fo Fum

Debut from very fun Welsh psych rockers - nice and fuzzy and Osees-inflected but also with a 60s freakout edge. You know these ones @Ruffers ?

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Lucy Liyou - +82 K​-​Pop Star

Score for an as yet un-performed theatre piece about a person who wants to become a K-pop star by the LA experimental artist. Her Dog Dreams album was my one of my favourite experimental albums of 2023.

There’s a pdf of text and images to accompany the score free to download from the link on the Bandcamp page (direct link here)

Looking through Lucy Liyou’s Twitter to try to find out more about this album and saw these tweets which made me laugh (even though I quite like Peggy Gou).


Loula Yorke - speak, thou vast and venerable head

Following on from the brilliant Volta in January, another album from modular synthesist and sound artist Loula Yorke. Digital is half price on Bandcamp until 28 June.

Grand River and Abul Mogard - In uno spazio immenso

Huge sound on this ambient collab.


Thank-you. I have to admit I’d started ignoring Loula Yorke Bandcamp emails because there are so many of them… and I’d overlooked this. Loved Volta, looking forward to more synthy goodness.

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So good, the title track and Containment Cycles especially.

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the Peggy Gou hatred has only sent her further up in my estimation

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Cola first, Skee Mask second and µ-Ziq third in a closely fought poll last week.

What did you enjoy this week?

  • Aklash
  • Alcest - Les Chants de L’Aurore
  • Alizée Leriche - Welcome, Roots
  • Been Stellar - Scream from New York, NY
  • Ben Hauke
  • Bitchfinder General - No Thoughts, Just Vibes
  • Butthole Surfers - Cream Corn from the Socket of Davis
  • Butthole Surfers - Hairway to Steven
  • Butthole Surfers - Locust Abortion Technician
  • Dactyl Terra - Fee Fi Fo Fum
  • d’Eon - Leviathan
  • Deejay Veiga
  • Disintegration — In Your Diary EP
  • earthtone9 – In Resonance Nexus
  • Emilíana Torrini – Miss Flower
  • exmagician - Sit Tight
  • G.S. Schray - Whispered Something Good
  • Gracie Abrams - The Secret of Us
  • Grand River and Abul Mogard - In uno spazio immenso
  • Hevlaran - Model to excite
  • Hyperdontia - Harvest of Malevolence
  • Inherits The Void
  • Islands - What Occurs
  • John Glacier - Duppy Gun
  • King Krule - SHHHHHHH! EP
  • Kittie
  • Kvaen
  • Lankum - Live In Dublin
  • Lindstrom!
  • Loula Yorke - speak, thou vast and venerable head
  • Lucy Liyou - +82 K​-​Pop Star
  • Luna Shadows - Bathwater
  • Kate Nash
  • Marcella Detroit - Jewel (Remastered and Expanded)
  • Molly Otto - Snowball EP
  • Moon Diagrams - Cemetery Classics
  • Mura Masa, yeule
  • NightjaR - Mala Leche
  • Nonkeen - All good?
  • Nothing - Auditory Trauma: Nothing Isolation Sessions (Live)
  • Nuno Beats - Sai do Coração
  • O. - WeirdOs
  • Old Saw - Dissection Maps
  • Other Half - Dark Ageism
  • Pond – Stung!
  • Rich Ruth - Water Still Flows
  • Riggings - EGG
  • Sadeedo - The Desert Island
  • Solpara - Melancholy Sabotage
  • Sufjan Stevens
  • Sumac - The Healer
  • Th Blisks - Elixa
  • The Mary Wallopers
  • The Mysterines – Afraid of Tomorrows
  • The Story So Far - I Want To Disappear
  • Various Artists - In Pursuit of Pleasure (fabric SELECTS IV)
  • Waclaw Zimpel
  • Wage War - STIGMA
  • Wild Yaks - Monumental Deeds
  • Yetsuby
  • Your Old Droog - Movie
  • Zero 7 & Swim Surreal - In The Half Light
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@woweezowee @lyserge Using the print view to scrape the thread for the poll worked well, thanks!


Excellent! I was thinking I’d still need to edit the code so it only used the /print rather than the /20, /40 etc url, but it seemingly works fine just pasting in the print view to the url line.

Great thinking by @lyserge and happy to cross off my to do list!


Some of the guitar tones on this are out of this world, middle section of ‘Yellow Dawn’ in particular.

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