New releases 21/7

Karen Gwyer - Rembo sounds great on first listen. Swirling techno which reminds me a bit of The Black Dog and earlier Laurel Halo releases.

shameless JAG:

swirling techno sounds good! I’ll check that out x


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maybe have a lie down?


Norman Records were bigging up that Karen G record. Might try to get hold of it.

Looking forward to hearing Karen Gwyer, but can’t see it streaming anywhere yet, looks like just the one track on Spotify & Bandcamp currently.

I’ve been really enjoying the Daphni Fabriclive 93 release, and only just discovered the Chihei Hatakeyama new one via Boomkat, which is just stunning!

Whole thing is on Spotfiy.

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Thanks for the link, it wasn’t coming up on the work Sonos for some reason.

The new Dizzee is excellent.

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Excited to hear the new Cornelius album; on Spotify now … liked the one track I’ve heard to date. Streaming now …

Electronic/Shibuya-kei … what’s not to like?

New Lana Del Rey today. So far sounds a bit less cinematic than Honeymoon, and more like the hip-hop-inspired songs on her first album.

Mainly looking forward to hearing Avey Tare’s new-y Eucalyptus over the weekend.

Just came to post this, listening now and it’s pretty decent! Closer to ‘Feels’-ish Animal Collective than their new stuff (thank god).

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ooh I went to the listening party for this in Berlin the other night. It… sounded like an Avey Tare album

:smile: Haven’t heard it yet and not sure what your stance on AnCo is but if it sounds anything like how @Sgreen has described then I’ll be pleased (though I’ve enjoyed most of their post MPP output)…

Yeah I’d probably agree with that

Another week with not a great deal out, but that new Holy Fuck EP is sublime.

Bleep is going with Karen G as AOTW. Defo check it out techno-heads.

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A nice fun album by a band called Terror Pigeon! Obviously album-art-of-the-year territory:

The first song, Chamber of Secrets for 1, is definitely one of my favourites of the year so far.

Other than that, I may get the Declan McKenna album, and a new ep/mini-album from Hunter As A Horse.