New releases 21 Feb 2020

Peggy Sue and Lanterns On The Lake for me today.

Just spotted Cate Le Bon has a new release. Seems to be a collaborative reworking of 5 tracks from Reward.

Cate Le Bon & Group Listening

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Sounds v. good so far.

Not much is getting a look in past Greg Dulli for me today.

Going to give the new Six Organs of Admittance a go. I love their folky stuff, less interested in the experimental side… no idea what this new one is though.

Pictish Trail, Spinning Coin, Best Coast and Cate Le Bon for starters here, Clive.

Enjoying the Banoffee album (genre: pop/dance/electronic). Nothing profound to say, just think it’s a good pop album and making my morning better.

Greg Dulli, Best Coast and the first of two albums to be released this month by Nick Oliveri’s Mondo Generator.

Quite fond of Lanterns On The Lake, will look this one up!

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Fingers crossed this is better than their last one!


The album is much the same as their previous stuff which is no bad thing. Heard it once though and it’s very good.

JR Robinson still thinks people want to hear him sing so my expectations are dirt low.

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Oh dear

Not a fan of their last one?

Thought it was absolutely dire. Really turned me off them after I enjoyed their first few albums so much.


Grimes for me - have avoided the leaks so far so looking forward to listening to it fresh…

Seeing Pictish Trail next month, so looking forward to giving his new one a listen. Lee Ranaldo later too.

The new Agnes Obel record is beautiful.

For me Wrekmeister Harmonies were just on the cusp of becoming one of my favourite bands and I was looking forward to it thinking “this’ll be the one that pushes them into the top tier”. It was bollocks.


Nice woozy instrumental interpretations but the vocals on 2 of the tracks are just awful - bloke doing a bad impression of Cate. Shame.

I had review it and listened to it loads waiting for something to click but eventually I just had to admit it was rubbish.

Everything up to and including Night of Your Ascension is incredible. Light Falls is good but marred slightly by Robinson’s decision to step into the light on it. I really wish he’d step back out again.