New releases - 21 October 2022

Are there any weeks that aren’t huge weeks anymore?

First, four that I doubt need any further explanation…

Arctic Monkeys - The Car

Taylor Swift - Midnights

Carly Rae Jepsen - The Loneliest Time
Canadian pop superstar. Not overly impressed by the singles, but fingers crossed…

Burial - Streetlands
Think he’s sticking with the ambient rather than bringing the beats back…

Interesting sounding compilation of 80s electronica from Argentina:

Various Artists - S​í​ntesis Moderna: an Alternative Vision of Argentinean Music (1980​-​1990)

The Soft Pink Truth - Is It Going to Get Any Deeper Than This?

LOVED their last one (although it reminds me of lockdowns). Experimental house music side-project from Drew Daniel, one-half of experimental electronic music duo Matmos.

Dawn Richard & Spencer Zahn - Pigments

Multi-instrumentalist Spencer Zahn teams up with US independent powerhouse singer Dawn Richard


It is a rather big day!

Arctic Monkeys and CRJ daaaaay

I’d listen to Dry Cleaning too but not sure I can stomach the artwork


Some electronic things:

Nuage - Pink Television EP

Robert Babicz - Dirtcut M
Acid style

O’Flynn, Frazer Ray - Shimmer

Kornel Kovacs - Hotel Koko

The Soft Pink Truth - Is It Going To Get Any Deeper Than This?
One half of Matmos


Two albums I had no idea were coming out! Good day for hip hop so far, definitely the first two things I’ll be listening to in the morning.


These I have on my list, I’ll be going through more in the morning, but for now…

Montparnasse Musique - Archeology - LP - Afrobeat Electro
Thumping rhythms and infectious melodies. I can’t wait for this one. FFO Mbongwana Star and Kokoko

Knifeplay - Animal Drowning - LP - Alt
Shoegaze grudge rock from the US. It should hopefully make for a nice compliment to the Dry Cleaning release.

Alice Sandahl - Bright & Blue - LP - Pop
Only heard 2 tracks so far but looking forward to the rest. Lounge pop blues: love the voice, love the musical flourishes, love the smooth style.


Check out Jade Imagine’s new one

for fans of dream pop/shoegaze/indie pop type stuff - she’s from the same label as Courtney Barnett

first single -


Taylor Swift, Dry Cleaning and Tegan and Sara for me today. I just realised that Archers Of Loaf have a new one out too.

I gave Witch Fever a quick listen before bedtime but didn’t like it.

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Frankie Cosmos - Inner World Peace

Off kilter indie pop


Arctic Monkeys album is good fun.


This is the big one for me. First record in 24 years!


Loyle Carner - hugo

New one from south London rapper - produced by Madlib!

Hagop Tchaparian - Bolts

Debut from British-Armenian artist - blends lo-fi techno with field recordings taken throughout Armenia and the Mediterranean. On Four Tet’s label.


New a-ha album, baby!


Great week and two others I’ve been looking forward to…will report back later.

Loved all her stuff so far so high hopes

Loved a couple of his albums and liked a couple of others


Oxbow & Peter Brotzmann

Doesn’t appear to be on Spotify. Expecting Swans-esque heavy, ominous, dirgey rock with a smattering of experimental saxophone


Customer released first music online in the form of two singles yesterday, new post-punk band that has Greg Rutkin in it.

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AB’s new album is absolutely stunning

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Ali Saffudin - Wolivo
Kashmiri blues rock

Goat - Oh Death
First album in a few years for the mysterious Swedish psych rockers

Various Artists - Big, Big Wave
All the punk bands in Hattiesburg, Mississippi recorded in one day and put out as this compilation. Judy and the Jerks are the main common denominator of this small scene, I think, with many of these bands featuring their members.


Burial gonna Burial.

The last soft pink truth album was really good - like a more ambient take on stuff like Braids and A Sunny Day In Glasgow