New releases - 21 October 2022

Bona Fide - Lore
Beautiful! Folksy, soft.

ex-members of SubRosa picking up where they left off (sludge metal/stoner rock)

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It has the same problem as Sub Rosa. The songs aren’t interesting enough for how long they are.

Mountainscape - Atoms Unfurling

Instrumental Post Metal with 10 minute songs. On first listen, it’s a lot better than most of the bands that sound like this.


Guts - Estrellas

Afro groove odyssey from a DJ fella, but I’m not detecting anything electronic, and loads of different artists involved, so maybe more like a big compilation that he’s produced? Sounds great anyway, big dollop of Cuban flavour involved.


ah yeah so looks like it is an Afro-Cuban thing, recorded in Senegal, where he’s trying to get back to the source of the stuff he’d normally be sampling

Linnea Dale - 15 LOVE
Probably the best pop from Norway this week, better than A-Ha.

Robyn Hitchcock - Shufflemania

He seems to have dodged Spotify for this, dunno about other evil streaming places. I rate his latter work and this one sounds good too. If you don’t know him it’s lightly psychedelic singer-songwriter rock with quirky lyrics

Some new songs, live and alternative versions from the Tuareg guitarist. FFO of blistering solos and desert psych blues


This is amazing, much like everything she’s done I suppose.

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I was about to post the same thing, really loving this album.

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Hadnt been aware of her before somehow, so this is a nice find

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I gave that Hagop Tchaparian album a spin after reading the review on Pitchfork. I only clicked on the review because I thought I recognised the name, and yes, it’s your fella from Symposium.

Great album!

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I’m not sure about it but there’s some great tracks on there.

KMRU - Epoch

Late addition for this week - new one from Kenyan ambient field recording artist. One of my absolute favourites of the last few years. Pay what you want on Bandcamp.

Skullcrusher was our top scorer last week, with Bill Callahan second and Birds in Row and Press Club tied for third.

What did you like this week?

  • a-ha - True North
  • Abduction - Black Blood
  • Alexander Carson - The Idiot
  • Ali Saffudin - Wolivo
  • Alice Boman - The Space Between
  • Alice Sandahl - Bright & Blue
  • Amanda Tenfjord - In Hindsight
  • Archers Of Loaf - Reason in Decline
  • Architects - the classic symptoms of a broken spirit
  • Arctic Monkeys - The Car
  • Ariel Zetina - Cyclorama
  • Armani Caesar - THE LIZ 2
  • Arny Margret – They only talk about the weather
  • Atlas Castle - Patterns
  • August Rosenbaum - songs people together
  • Barbara Panther & Matthew Herbert - Muramuke
  • Battalions - King of a Dead World
  • Beduin Soundclash - We Will Meet in a Hurricane
  • Bibio - BIB10
  • Bluszcz - Nowy Pop
  • Bona Fide - Lore
  • BRUTUS - Unison Life
  • Burial - Streetlands
  • Carly Rae Jepsen - The Loneliest Time
  • Clarice Jensen - Esthesis
  • Customer - Floorboards / Absolutely Nothing
  • Dawn Richard & Spencer Zahn - Pigments
  • Dry Cleaning - Stumpwork
  • Fiona Brice - And You Know I Care
  • Frankie Cosmos - Inner World Peace
  • Goat - Oh Death
  • Guts - Estrellas
  • Hagop Tchaparian - Bolts
  • Jade Imagine - Cold Memory
  • Jean-Michel Jarre - OXYMORE
  • Joe Strummer 002 comp
  • Jordan Mason & Their Orchestra - Rewrite The Words Again
  • Josienne Clarke - Now & Then EP
  • KMRU - Epoch
  • Knifeplay - Animal Drowning
  • Kornel Kovacs - Hotel Koko
  • Linnea Dale - 15 LOVE
  • LoneLady - Former Things >> Re​-​Formed EP
  • Lord Apex - Joga Bonito
  • Loyle Carner - hugo
  • Mdou Moctar - Niger EP Vol. 2
  • Melby - Looks Like A Map
  • Miles Kvndra - Home EP
  • Montparnasse Musique - Archeology
  • Mountainscape - Atoms Unfurling
  • Mt. Oriander - Then the Lightness Leaves and I Become Heavy Again
  • Nev Cottee - Madrid
  • Nuage - Pink Television EP
  • O’Flynn, Frazer Ray - Shimmer
  • Oxbow & Peter Brotzmann - An Eternal Reminder of Not Today / Live at Moers
  • Paddy Hanna - Imagine I’m Hoping
  • Pinkshift - Love Me Forever
  • Rich Aucoin - Synthetic Season 1
  • Robert Babicz - Dirtcut M
  • Robyn Hitchcock - Shufflemania
  • Rubblebucket - Earth Worship
  • Shutups - I can’t eat nearly as much as I want to vomit
  • Simple Minds - Direction of the Heart
  • Sleater-Kinney - Dig Me In: A Dig Me Out Covers Album
  • Sloan - Steady
  • Taylor Swift - Midnights
  • Tegan and Sara - Crybaby
  • The Otolith - Folium Limina
  • The Soft Pink Truth - Is It Going to Get Any Deeper Than This?
  • Twain - Noon
  • V/A - Eins und Zwei und Drei und Vier Vol 2 - Deutsche Experimentelle Pop-Muzik 1978-1987
  • Various Artists - Big, Big Wave
  • Various Artists - S​í​ntesis Moderna: an Alternative Vision of Argentinean Music (1980​-​1990)
  • Whitmer Thomas - The Older I Get The Funnier I Was
  • Wiki - Cold Cuts
  • Witch Fever

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Another one for the list of great October albums that I didn’t get to during that month.

Jairus Sharif - Water & Tools

Jazz/experimental. Would’ve missed this entirely but Verity Sharp played a track from it on this week’s Late Junction. One man ensemble Jairus Sharif with these nine pieces of…what? Free jazz psych blues jams or something? For fans of The Comet is Coming, I reckon. That excellent swirly screechy sax sound and great drums on this too. Think it would’ve been in the mix for my top 5 if I’d got to it in October.


Just getting round to this, absolutely love it. Compilation of the year contender for sure.

This is superb, deserves more hype!


Talking of which, cheers for reminding me that I still haven’t received the Vinyl yet… time to chase! I’ll make sure to set up a listening party to hopefully win over a few more fans when it does.

Oh and if you haven’t already spotted it, their self titled EP was excellent too.

[edit] Slight spoiler for future weeks, but looking forward to what you (and @dantrobus & @Gert as the fellow Cosmic heads) think of Edrix Puzzle. It too is needing a little hype, as not seeing any reviews for it from the regular places
Also Dantro’s suggestion above for Jairus Sharif is ace too; so much great music of late, absolutely spoilt.