New releases - 21 October 2022

Look forward to giving Edrix Puzzle a go now I’ve got Music League voting out of the way for another week. Intrigued by the write up on the Bandcamp page at least!

The write up is excessively long and tries too hard, imo; but I think the album is excellent from what I know

This definitely sounds like my kinda thing!


Got Edrix Puzzle in my November queue now, thanks for the tip-off! Also got Jairus Sharif in my October backlog but it’s 66th of 69 as things stand (nice) so realistically I need to draw a line somewhere soon or I’ll not be on track for the November album of the month thread!

I normally stick rigidly to the order I add releases to my list but I might bump up Jairus on these recommendations.

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Yes the Jairu Sharif album is lovely! I pushed it and another handful up to get through before I park the rest of October to pick over in the projected December lull and I can get on with November soon.

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Surprised this isn’t getting more praise, it’s wonderful.