New Releases 22/04/22

Coco Em - Kilumi

Slow to this one, which I think appeared in Bandcamp’s new and notable section and piqued my interest. Nairobi DJ and Producer with a great 7 track EP of Kenyan electronica.

Incorporating amapiano’s lethal log drums in “Winyo Nungo” as well as trap-tastic tones in “Keep the Pace” along with the valleys and peaks present throughout the bass-driven title track, “Kilumi”, Coco Em creates a rich representation of her sonic tastes.

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Michał Jan & Immortal Onion - Screens

With a name that sounds like something a 15-year old stoner would come up with, and album artwork that is somehow even worse, it wasn’t a promising start for this Polish jazz album, which is probably why u didn’t check it out before now, but the music is actually great, really accomplished wide-screen instrumental jazz that fans of The Comet is Coming would enjoy.

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This is excellent, good catch here!

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