New Releases 22/06/18

Ok, after an incredibly barren 15th June, there’s more out today than I can shake several sticks at…

Kamasi Washington, Soulwax, The Octopus Project, Gang Gang Dance, Bill Baird, Binker and Moses, The Orb - man, where am I going to find the time to listen to all that?

Nine Inch Nails - Bad Witch I think, too.

An aside but after a few weeks of really shit release radar on Spotify (missing huge acts I listen to all the time) they seem to have given up entirely? Only a handful of new artists in mine.

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It caught all of mine this week, but I have found glaring omissions in the past. Also some acts that never go away (probably due to how much Spotify have been paid). I think I listened to a Sunflower Bean a couple of times in 2016 and now their stuff gets stuck on my Radar for weeks on end…and I don’t even like them much.

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I will be listening to Death Grips and I will enjoy it.


Didn’t realise there was a Binker and Moses one out, I should like their stuff but it’s been missing a crucial…something for me in the past. Hopefully I’ll enjoy this one a bit more. Looking forward to Kamasi Washington but 2 and a half hours?! I’m going to find it hard to pay attention for that long

Yeah, Binker and Moses are a strange pairing - Moses Boyd always sounds better on his own. But willing to give the full album a listen (the tracks released so far have been ok)

Kamasi’s a long stretch but worth it so far (still on him now)

The big release of the day is of course Colin Mawson (aka our very own @bamnan) - Miniature Epiphanies

I am of course massively biased but I reckon I’d be singing the praises of this one if I’d have stumbled over it with no idea who was behind it. It’s his first fully electronic effort and he has, inevitably, knocked it out of the park and made something that still sounds singularly like his work, with his the 16-bit game soundtracks of his youth glimmering through IDM that sounds both off-kilter and awkward and yet warm and oddly natural.

I think he’s planning on doing a thread on it on the social board later but I thought I’d give the music board ultras a head start on it.


I’ll be drowning myself in the new abul mogard for the rest of the day/year.


Really enjoyed @Bamnan’s contributions to the DS primer. Looking forward to this.


I’ve been bumping the @Bamnan record for weeks now thanks to my role in the label and it’s top 5 of the year so far. Incredible stuff.

Also psyched for The Weathermonger courtesy of a podcast @sheeldz did recently. Another label rooted in a forum. Sounds like it will be BoC-inspired electronica.

Then NiN once I’m all IDM’ed out.


all about Kamasi today!


Martyn’s new album is out today.


Keep Shelley In Athens for me.

Kamasi and The Wave Pictures for me.

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Gang Gang Dance and Death Grips for me Clive.

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surprise (i think?) Freddie Gibbs album


I’ll try

Kamasi all the way, got it on right now. Will probably have a listen to Soulwax later as well.
Agree on Spotify, didn’t throw up Kamasi even though I’ve listened a few times in the past.

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Kamasi Washington, Nine Inch Nails and Death Grips all queued up. Have vinyl copies of Kamasi and NIN on their way too so trying to fight the urge to stream both before they arrive. Bloody good day.

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i’ll give Octopus Project a go