New Releases 22/06/18

Martyn and Varg pour moi

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Kamasi’s a beast

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Don’t Worry - Who Cares Anyway

anyone got any good vibes for me to check out?

Varg! Bloody hell, there’s too much today. Reckon Bam’s album will be up your street as well.

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There’s new Blawan, too.


Think I need a to-do list to cope with today’s releases

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Alright, no need to be so negative


Listening to Varg now… 6 tracks in and it’s taken me somewhere else completely. He’s just singularly brilliant.

Been banging Blawan for a few days and jeeesus. It’s actually physically draining.

Really lagging on the dis releases :confused: Just got so much to get through. Was listening to this recent Faint compilation last night and there’s some good stuff on it… thought you might like…

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Ha! Been a great few weeks hasn’t it? I’ll add this to my Bandcamp wishlist so I don’t forget!

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Just bought Disintegration State CD :+1:t3:


Man this is really good. So many 25 minute hip hop records this past month :grinning:


Appreciate the support! Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


Bandana already starting to feel like a Madvillainy 2

New Laksa EP came out this week on Ilian Tape if you’re craving more gnarly break beat techno type stuff post-Skee Mask. Ilian Tape are locked IN at the moment.


Stop it!

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:laughing: that’s me done

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wow he really can’t sing though huh

I just hear 2Pac whenever I listen to him now :confused: